Russia has become 50% more attractive to foreign investors

The influx of foreign investment in Russia increased by 46.4% in 2011. and amounted to $ 65 billion, according to the materials of the Ministry of Economic Development.

The volume of foreign direct investment rose by almost 20% — to $ 52 billion, the inflow of other investments amounted to U.S. $ 34.2 billion in portfolio investment last year was recorded outflows of $ 21 billion dollars

Earlier, the head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) Kirill Dmitriev reported that foreign direct investment in Russia will increase significantly after the presidential election. This trend is due to good macroeconomic indicators: external debt to GDP ratio, which in Russia is among the lowest in the world, a large stock of foreign exchange reserves, and others, believes K.Dmitriev. "Russia — is one of the few markets to ensure growth, and investors are looking for opportunities for growth," — he said.

Current year — a "year vysokorastuschih industries: manufacturing, agribusiness, pharmaceuticals, medicine," said K.Dmitriev, speaking of the most attractive investment sectors of the Russian economy in the current year.

The same opinion was expressed by Deputy Economic Development Minister Andrei Klepac, stressing that stability factor will work on the flow of capital, and any instability increase the risk of outflow.

In his early projections Klepach reported that the Ministry of Economic Development expects in 2013, 2014. net inflows of about $ 30 billion a year. In 2012. MAYOR expected net outflows of $ 20 billion

Recall that in late February 2012. Federal State Statistics Service reported that the Russian economy in the last year received more than 190 billion dollars of foreign investment, which is 66% more than in 2010. The volume of redeemed investments made earlier in Russia from abroad, made in 2011. 165.2 billion dollars, which is 36.7% more than in 2010. According to the Federal State Statistics Service, as of the end of 2011. accumulated foreign capital in the Russian economy amounted to 347.2 billion dollars, a 15.7% increase compared to 2010.

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