Russia has built the world’s largest digital ground

Defense has built the world's largest digital ground. It is located in the Nizhny Novgorod region near the village of Mulino an area of 100 hectares. In 2014 it will be able to train at the same time an entire brigade (3.7-4.5 thousand). Oodnovremenno there will be able to conduct military training and units of the Army, Navy, Marines and coast artillery and rocket forces of the Navy. 

As told to "Izvestia" in the Ministry of Defense, March 29, in Tver on the site of "RusBitTeh" that created an electronic stuffing landfill, launched a joint training system that integrates all the elements of a new landfill: Staff Management, simulators, virtual battlefield, electronic learning systems and laser simulators defeats the purpose. The first classes in Mulino should begin in the fall of 2013.

— On the range are equipped not only to training places for shooting from all kinds of standard weapons and conducting offensive combat, but also trainers automated control system. With the latest computers can simulate combined arms combat in real time. In this case, all the command and control systems work similarly to what is now available in combat units — told "Izvestia".

The course team at the site takes seven weeks with the team work out the tasks as intended in any area in the present conditions of confrontation. If necessary, the electronic simulators and simulators can be connected and a real military equipment — tanks, armored personnel carriers and even helicopters. As a result, team training can be combined with the practical elaboration of the action of individual military units.

Thanks to the electronic charts and simulations at the site created a virtual battlefield that simulates typical conditions of the terrain around the world. Thus, the Russian soldiers can develop and maintain a fight in the desert, and assault operations in the mountains, and the movement in the woods.

Highly detailed three-dimensional maps, which uses the virtual headquarters of the brigade, similar to those used in computer games. The database contains hundreds of landfill virtual models of military equipment that simulates how the enemy forces and reinforcements.

Each sample can set the actual characteristics: speed, range and rate of fire, maneuver technology, so that from a static target, he turns into a real enemy that can detect when the wrong-doing and learning destroy the "tank."

Crews are trained to physical simulators, fully simulate the fighting compartment tanks, armored personnel carriers, artillery, and even a helicopter cockpit. In addition to virtual learning spaces equipped with a real tactical ground targets, shooting range, directrices for tanks, boilers for firing artillery.

In the real world of radio-controlled opponents represent targets that can be remotely sent to the specified square polygon. Thanks to German laser systems simulate hitting accuracy is evaluated in online mode, and the commanders on the map immediately see destroyed "enemy" or not.

Incidentally, the "enemy" is not toothless: it is a return "fire", and in the case of contact with academic "tank" is destroyed and eliminated from the battlefield.

Also at the site realized the possibility of bilateral exercises — when fighting with each other leading teams units. For this part of the test site includes laser simulators not only firearms, but also all types of military equipment.

As planned by the Army Command typical cycle for combined arms brigade will take one and a half months. First, military action will work units, platoons, battalions, mouth-on simulators and electronic classrooms, then hold a virtual teaching, and then begin the practical work on the tank ranges and shooting ranges.

The process of preparing the brigade end integrated live-fire exercises. At the same time on the range can be engaged in several teams. It is also possible scenario where one team will conduct training battle against the other with laser simulators.

Interspecific landfill "Gorokhovetsky" is located in the Nizhny Novgorod region near the village of Mulino. It covers an area of about 100 hectares and is valid since 1928. Created on range combat training center designed to train a battalion, and since 2014 — and the Brigade Combat Team. According to the aggregate power it will be the largest in the world.

The second largest contingent of the student and the first on the area (about 260 ha) landfill located in the United States in the Mojave Desert, California. Despite the size, it is designed for the preparation of 2-3 battalion tactical groups.

The third largest landfill — German combat training center near the ground forces of Magdeburg. It is located on an area of about 23 hectares and since 2006 is designed to train a battalion tactical groups.

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