Russia has established a 25-year record of oil production

Average daily oil production in Russia in June reached 10.53 million barrels. It is very close to the record level of 25 years ago, "Vedomosti", referring to the Central Dispatching Department of the Fuel and Energy Complex.

In terms of production, Russia has long surpassed Saudi Arabia, where in June, according to Bloomberg, were recovered 9.47 million barrels per day.

In 1988, according to BP, oil production in the Russian Federation amounted to 11,070 million barrels per day. A historic low was recorded in 1996 — 6.06 million barrels. In 2012, production averaged 10.37 million barrels per day.


Achieved record helped by two factors: the growth of production at Vankor Rosneft and Gazprom increased production of gas condensate, analysts explain, which refers to the newspaper. According to them, Rosneft is not just actively increasing oil production: the last time the company made several large contracts for the supply of raw materials.

In the dynamics of the oil companies do not comment on oil: it is "too delicate matter," as a member of one of the companies. To be productive sector needs a stable environment for long-term investment, he recalled.

President of Rosneft, Igor Sechin, after buying TNK-BP, said that the production of the combined company in 2013, will grow to 215 million tonnes (in 2012 205 million tons). Lukoil president Alekperov at the end of June, said the company expects production growth in 2013 by 1% per year. According to the representative of Gazprom Neft, the company plans in 2025 to increase production volumes to 100 million tons. Surgutneftegas in the coming years is going to produce 60-62 million tons of oil a year — is the level of 2012. No plans to change the dynamics of production and Bashneft.

In the general scheme of development of the Russian oil industry by 2020 production will remain at the level of 505 million tons per year, as 80% of the stock is on the existing fields. Analysts believe that by 2020, thanks to the development of the shelf and stranded oil, production will increase to 10,8-11,0 million barrels per day.

Meanwhile, Russian oil supplies to Europe have fallen to 10-year low in July and did not amount to more than 2.1 million barrels a day, wrote earlier newspaper Financial Times. The publication explained the reduction in supply of fast-growing oil refining and increasing the export of Russian oil to China.

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