Russia has increased to one billion euros a lawsuit against Bulgaria for failing to build a nuclear power plant Belene

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MOSCOW, September 11. / ITAR-TASS /. Russian "ASE" increased to one billion euros a lawsuit against the National Electricity Company / NEK EAD / Bulgaria for failing to build a nuclear power plant "Belene". This case is being considered by the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris.


According to Itar-Tass, "Atomstroyexport" and "increasing claims due to the fact that at the moment the project prematurely terminated by the Bulgarian government, the Agreement expired on November 29, 2006, and NEK EAD continued to refuse to reimburse" Atomstroyexport "incurred costs and losses. "

"Claims of" Atomstroyexport "includes the cost of all work performed on the project, the cost of equipment long manufacturing cycle, losses, and more. Increased total claim amounts to no less than 1 billion euros," — said the "Atomstroyexport".

The company explained that "since the construction of the nuclear power plant at all stages must be synchronized with the supply of the necessary equipment," ASE "2008-2010, posted on the Russian enterprises orders for manufacturing of various equipment, including equipment with long manufacturing cycle, the period of preparation for which from 6 months to three years. " Thus, the Russian contractors completed the fabrication of the reactor vessel and internals, work on the second body are in the final stage, the hydraulic test carried out of the reactor vessel and the upper unit to the second unit, manufactured accumulator tank systems for emergency core cooling system, pressure compensators, steam generators, gateways for staff and fixings. Most of this equipment is made, accepted a joint Bulgarian-Russian Commission and is still in warehouses Russian companies NEK EAD due to the failure to take it. Also, the amount of design work carried out on the device localization of core melt at tight gateways, refueling machine, turbine and other equipment long manufacturing cycle.

At the same time, "ASE" provided equipment order long manufacturing cycle due not only advances from NEK EAD, but also attracted credit resources.

"In addition, at the request of the Agency for Nuclear Regulation of Bulgaria after the accident at the nuclear power plant" Fukushima "were developed stress tests of the project in accordance with the standards of the IAEA. They were considered by the IAEA experts from the point of view of project compliance with all" postfukusimskim 'security requirements and have received a positive evaluation " — recalled in "Atomstroyexport".

In 2008-2010, "ASE" directly at the site of NPP "Belene" had all the necessary engineering and geological surveys and excavations, has created the necessary engineering and household infrastructure, fully preparing the ground for the start of work on the construction of two power plant "Belene".

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