Russia has put Vietnam second onshore Bastion

Russia has sent to Vietnam a second movable coastal missile system "Bastion" with a uniform supersonic homing anti-ship missile "Yakhont", said a source in the military-industrial complex.


"Shipment of complex customer took place last week," — said the source, "Interfax".

He noted that so Rosoboronexport and NGOs Engineering completed execution of the contract for the supply of two sets of Vietnam "Bastion".

The interviewee said that a contract for the supply of Vietnam complexes "Bastion" was signed in 2005.

In Rosoboronexport and NGOs Engineering declined to comment on the issue of the contract with Vietnam, citing the fact that the information is confidential.

The mobile coastal missile system "Bastion" unit-homing supersonic anti-ship missile (ASM) 3M55E "Yakhont" is designed to protect the coast, which is over 600 km away and destroy surface ships of various classes and types, operating as part of airborne compounds convoys, ship and aircraft carrier battle groups as well as single ships and ground-based radio-purposes in heavy fire and electronic countermeasures.

Ammunition of a complex can be up to 36 missile "Yakhont". The missile has a range of fire-horizon. It supports the principle of "fire and forget".

"Yakhont" is capable of hitting targets at a distance of 300 kilometers and carry a warhead weighing more than 200 kg. The rocket features a full autonomy of combat use, high supersonic speed on all parts of the flight, the ability to choose different paths (low-altitude and combined), as well as full harmonization for a wide range of marine, aviation and land-based vehicles.

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