Russia has set the record for the export of sunflower oil

Russia in 2012 broke the record for the export of sunflower oil. This was stated by Director General of "ProZerno" Vladimir Petrychenko, reports "Interfax". The volume of exports by the end of May totaled 1.066 million tons.

Petrychenko added that following the agricultural year, ie until July 1, shipments abroad could reach half a million tons or more. Will increase significantly and exports of soybean oil — by 10,000 tonnes to 145,000. Record overseas shipments for this type of product was delivered in 2008.
Now 60 percent of the export market of sunflower oil controlled by four companies, and the top ten account for more than 86 percent of the market.

The main buyers of Russian oil are Turkey (36 percent) and Egypt (23 percent). Imports of vegetable oil in Russia is small, but its characteristic feature is the increase in the supply of olive oil.

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