Russia has shown that it is able to

  Exhibition IDEX-2013 in Abu Dhabi  

International exhibition of arms and military equipment IDEX-2013 has revealed interesting trends, and probably will give food for thought to those who engaged in the analysis and strategy of international trade items for military use.

  Oddly enough, our country is on the quality of the proposed export of products not yet an outsider. We so often and with such regret talking about wasted time and missed opportunities that they themselves are beginning to believe that Russia has lost all the positions on the global arms market. This is not entirely true.

Promulgated on the eve of the opening of Salon IDEX-2013 export figures of military equipment, as "RG" told me speak for themselves. Our country remains the clear leader in all that relates to defense. It has become quite obvious that actively advertised and promoted on the international market Israeli "Iron Dome" no comparison is not even a defense of the Land Forces of Russia, not to mention the more powerful domestic structures and missile defense.

We have an excellent armor, although it literally was mixed with dirt executives Defense Minister Serdyukov times. And actually shown on IDEX-2013 production of "Uralvagonzavod" aroused the interest of all participants in the cabin. T-90cm, for the first time abroad has been featured on the go, and participated in the daily demonstration races, has become one of the sensations of the cabin. In the Emirates, they are so interested, they offered to leave the tank after the completion of the show for a more detailed acquaintance with him and testing him in desert conditions. This is all the more surprising that the UAE armed army are French "Leclerc". T-90CM leave the Emirates did not work, because the travel documents have been issued to him only at the time of the IDEX-2013. The tank was taken away by plane "Ruslan" in Russia, now there are negotiations about the possibility of his return to the United Arab Emirates and conduct appropriate tests there in the desert.

Not bad at all, it is modestly told us small arms. In addition to the world-famous "Izhmash" excellent "trunks" style designers TsNIITochmash of Klimovsk, Degtyarev Plant representatives from the carpet and, of course, Tula, especially from the famous KBP.

At the show in Abu Dhabi plant Dyagtereva showed deeply modernized missile managed complex "Attack". Now this missile complex induced by a laser and radio beam at the same time, allowing you to shoot at any time in any weather. Aroused the interest of gun "Kord" with three boxes — one for the loaded gun tape, the other for receiving a blank tape, and the third for the collection of spent cartridges. Completely waste-free shooting. This gun is conveniently mounted on civilian jeeps, that today is very popular in some countries, so the interest has been explained.

Tula showed a very interesting sub-machine gun PP-2000.Eto compact and at the same time a powerful weapon of individual protection, you can arm the crews of almost all combat vehicles and even a helicopter pilot-aircraft. PP-2000 has a standard magazine for 20 rounds and more receptive to the chuck 44. He passed all the required tests, has been recommended to the adoption, but was not accepted. But the aliens just would not leave the booth, which was exposed to the PP-2000.

Very interesting shotgun showed Tula. In length it is even shorter than the machine, but is stronger than almost everything is much more difficult and overall foreign counterparts. This gun is simply obliged to provide an additional personal weapons, at least, a platoon commander in the army.

In the PCU developed a completely original machine created on a "Bullpup" — shop behind the trigger. Tula design feature is that the ejected cartridge cases forward. It is important for the truncated scheme "Bullpup", as it excludes injury to person shooter and can shoot with either hand. In the western samples for changing shooting right-handed left-handed need to partially disassemble the weapon to reinstall the ejector sleeve. In battle, it is difficult to do. And in terms of urban warfare happens that even the right-hander forced to shoot from the left shoulder. Tula weapon gives the opportunity.

Back in the PCU developed and premiered abroad flamethrower smaller version of "Bumblebee" entitled "Boer". Now a very powerful rocket with FAE warhead can be fired from the enclosed space.

TSNIITOCHMASH showed a very interesting weapon for Special Forces: 9mm gun SR.2M and a 9-mm pistol SR.1M.

KB behalf Nudelman showed optical-electronic system of combating sniper hunting. Actually, it says modestly. The system, called the strange name PAPV, able to self-identify within a mile all the optical devices of the enemy, in particular, sniper scopes, binoculars and optics to mount on the armor. If necessary, all of it is destroyed by intense laser pulse. Counterparts in the West, not yet.

In addition to the state defense in Abu Dhabi exhibited and private enterprise, which is fully integrated into the concept of public-private partnership in the field of military technology. In particular, the production of this Russian company, specialized in developing and manufacturing antisnayperskih opto-electronic systems, aroused the interest of the presidential security service one of the largest countries in Europe.

List all the Russian exclusives impossible. However, other participants salon put a lot of things. Ukrainians, for example, have brought a number of small arms under the name "Fort". And Belarusians — missile systems, easy to install into the interior of the civilian jeep. It is now also very popular in the Middle East.

Emiratis have shown a lot of cars "NIMR", which is the precursor of Russian "Tiger", in the different versions and with different weapons. In particular, the missiles, hidden inside and extendable, if necessary, the roof. Another UAE distinguished designers create a long platform, "Castle" at 240 launchers, very interesting drone with four wings and speedboat unusual design.

A huge amount of equipment brought Americans, and concluded that in the process of IDEX-2013 a record number of transactions on its exports to the UAE military production, in particular, the drones "Predator". Looked very dignified exposition of Turkey.

Of the participants in the most ubiquitous were Chinese. First, they brought in as models of vehicles for every occasion, and the full-scale specimen bikalibernoy multiple rocket launcher caliber 122-mm and 220-mm. Second, they showed a keen interest in everything that showed other countries. At times it seemed that the Chinese circle. Only some will be going to take a sample of nowhere noisy group from China, which immediately stuck to the desired subject and as if on purpose, would interfere with his photograph without entering the lens and laughing Chinese.
IDEX-2013 gave him an excellent opportunity to show themselves, for others to see and plenty to talk to
interested parties. It is worth noting the excellent work of the press center and the organization of a very high quality of the cabin. [/ Cut]

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