Russia has signed a contract to supply helicopters to Sudan Party $ 200 million

Sudan acquired 24 Russian attack helicopters Mi-24 and Mi-16 transport 8. 

The first contract to supply 12 Mi-24 helicopters and six Mi-8, taken from the presence of the Russian Air Force and repaired, was imprisoned in 2011 and executed in 2012, told the publication in the aircraft industry. In 2013, Sudan was awarded a contract for the supply of an additional 12 Mi-24 helicopters and 12 Mi-8 with an option for the supply of six helicopters of both types.

According to experts, the batch of 24 attack helicopters Mi-24 and Mi-16 transport 8 with the repair and modernization can cost 150-200 million dollars.

The contract for the purchase of Russian helicopters, stressed in an interview with "Vedomosti" close to the Russian Defense Ministry sources, the ban does not violate the UN to supply arms to Sudan. Sudanese side, they added, at the signing of the agreement provided a commitment not to use this aircraft in the Darfur region, where since 2003, continuing the armed opposition rebels and government troops.

In March 2013, UN experts have accused Russia and Belarus in violation of the ban on the supply of arms to Sudan. Then it was reported that Belarus sent to Sudan 80mm unguided rockets S-8 and Su-25, and Russia — transport-combat helicopters Mi-24. The above military equipment, said experts from the UN, Sudan was in 2008, and she was spotted at the airport in Darfur.

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