Russia has supplied Syria’s anti-complexes Bastion

Russia has put anti-Syrian coastal complexes "Bastion" with supersonic cruise missile "Yakhont", reports "Interfax" referring to an informed military-diplomatic source in Moscow.


The exact timing of deliveries and their volume he did not name, but noted that it was premature to talk about the full performance of the contract: "It takes more time to complete the training of Syrian personnel operating these systems."

According to the agency, the Syrians are going to receive at least two 'Bastion', in each of which the ammunition is 36 "Yakhontov." Experts believe that it will completely cover the coastline of Syria from possible attack from the sea. The cost of the contract, according to unofficial data, about 300 million dollars.


The intention of arming Syria "Bastion" in 2010, Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. According to him, the U.S. and Israel opposed the sale of the complexes Damascus, insisting that the missiles could fall into the hands of terrorists, but Moscow has found their arguments unconvincing.

"Bastion" is intended to cover the coast of 600 kilometers. The complex can be used to destroy surface ships of various types, as well as radio-purposes in heavy fire and electronic countermeasures. It can produce rockets every 2.5 seconds.

As part of the same complex includes missiles in transport-launch container, self-propelled launchers, machine command and control, transportation and loading vehicle, vehicle security alert, and the helicopter complex targeting. Deployment time from traveling to the complex is about five minutes.

In turn cruise missile "Yakhont" capable of speeds of up to 750 meters per second and hit targets at ranges of up to 300 kilometers. The-horizon missiles have a range and are self-guided.

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