Russia in 2010 launched 2 times more rockets than the United States and China

Russia in 2010, has kept the world leader in the number of rocket launches, having carried out 31 to 15, starting with closest rivals, the U.S. and China, said Thursday Roscosmos and Khrunichev Space Center Khrunichev.

Last year in the world as of December 30 carried out 74 missile launch vehicles for various purposes, of which four have failed. Russia spent 31 launch, the U.S. and China — to 15, the European Space Agency (ESA) — six, India — three, Japan — two and one launch carried South Korea and Israel.

"Of the 31 launch rockets domestic production, carried out 15 launches with rockets MV Khrunichev Khrunichev, "- said in a statement.

At the same rocket "Proton" was launched 12 times, "Roar" — twice, "Kosmos-3M" — once. Thus, the report says, the broadest measure of a Russian company is the number of launch vehicles manufactured in the USA and China, and is also superior to the total number of launch vehicles of all other countries combined.

From 12 starts "Proton" eight was made in the interests of the global customer. Eight launches one rocket a year is a unique figure in the history of the world market for commercial launches, the report says.

"Thus, the company International Launch Services (ILS, carries on the world market marketing rocket" Proton "), a majority of which belongs to the 2008 Khrunichev Khrunichev, established in 2010, a record" — note Roscosmos and scientific-production center.

The main competitor of ILS, Arianespace company in 2010 carried out a six starts. In addition, over the last 29 months, "Proton" has carried out 29 launches, that "as a unique achievement."

PS Here's another really old, but interesting statistics from the site Roskosmos

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