Russia in I quarter has increased exports of coal by 20%

Russia in January-March 2013 increased the export of coal compared to the same period last year by 20.1% — to 33,049 million tons, according to the Federal Customs Service (FCS).

Exports of coal in the first quarter to foreign countries amounted to 30.127 million tons (up 22.8%), the CIS countries — 2.922 million tons (down 2.0%).

The total cost of the supply of coal for the quarter amounted to 2.970 billion (down 2.3%). In particular, the amount of supply of foreign countries increased by 2.2% — up to 2.684 billion dollars, in the CIS countries — decreased by 30.6% to 286.6 million.

Exports of coke and semi-coke for the period increased by 13% — to 526.6 million tons. The share of exports to non-CIS countries increased by 28.9% — to 339.4 million tons in the CIS — decreased by 7.6% to 187.3 million tonnes.

Export supplies of coke and semi-coke amounted to 123.3 million (up 6.8%). In particular, the non-CIS countries increased cost of supply by 16.3% — to 82.8 million dollars, and in the CIS countries decreased by 8.8%, to 40.4 million.

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