Russia increased meat production by 12.4%

According to the results of the first seven months of 2013, the Russian breeders produced more than 3 million tons of meat, which is 12.4% more than in the period last year. 

Thus, in January-July this year in the Russian Federation there were 3.282 million tons of meat in carcass weight, up 361.4 thousand tons more than the same period in 2012, according to the report FGBU "Spetstsentruchet in agriculture".

Nearly 60% of production in the country accounts for chicken meat, another 31.3% — of pork, about 9% — beef, everything else — it's mutton and goat meat.

In terms of districts in terms of production occupies a leading position CFD. Here, for seven months in 2013 were produced 1,389,000 tons of meat, and it is 42.3% of the total meat production in the country.

Also, a positive trend was observed in the production of meat in the PFD. Here, meat production increased by 13.5% (72.1 thousand tons), UFO — by 18.5% (42.3 thousand tons), SFO — 8.8% (+27.1 tons).

As noted earlier, the only district where no fixed positive trend is the SFD, which since 2012 an unfavorable epizootic situation. In the seven months of this year, production of all kinds of meat fell by 44.5 million tonnes compared to the same period in 2012.

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