Russia increases the supply of diesel fuel. In Europe, refineries are closed

Russia increases export of diesel fuel in the European countries in January-March 2013, it rose by 5.9% — up to 9.266 million tons, writes The Wall Street Journal. European refiners, who are already going through hard times, this turn of affairs threatens closure due to falling demand and, consequently, income.


Referring to the statistics: exports of diesel fuel from Russia in the north-western Europe rose to 500,000 barrels per day, while in the last year exported 300,000 barrels. Based on these data, a year ago the European plants received $ 17.10 per barrel of diesel treatment, but now the figure is $ 14.83.

As a result, since 2008, 16 oil refineries have reduced production capacity and announced the possible closure.

Sergei Pravosudov, Director of the National Institute of Energy, in an interview with "However," said that the refining industry in Europe found itself in a very difficult situation for a number of reasons:

"You have to understand that in Europe, refining is a highly profitable business. The oil in these countries is not so much, so it has to breadboard. They used to come out of the situation is simple — get oil from the Russian pipeline at a discount, but recently have become more export oil through, say, a new port at Primorsk, so it became a problem.

The price of oil has risen, many began to miss her, accordingly, it is also detrimental to the company profits. Of course, they are trying to buy oil and other routes, but is more expensive, and their product is not very competitive. What it portends for refineries — depends on their owners, who will either stimulate the business, or, conversely, to disturb him. Time will tell, maybe in Europe will be found some huge oil reserves, which flood the country and save these plants. "

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