Russia is developing the drone strike on the basis of fighter T-50

The technological potential of the fifth-generation program, on which to create new aircraft will quickly go out on the concrete implementation of the requirements that will be in the final agreed with the Ministry of Defense, the president said the KLA Mikhail Pogosyan.

© REUTERS / Maxim Shemetov


Zhukovsky (Moscow Region), August 30 — RIA Novosti

Russia is developing an unmanned aerial vehicle shock-purpose weighing about 20 tons on the basis of the technical solutions of the fifth-generation fighter T-50, told RIA Novosti on Friday at the air show MAKS-2013 the President of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) Mikhail Pogosyan.

"We are working in accordance with the plans that are consistent with the Defense Ministry. These plans provide at this stage of preliminary studies. This stage is largely based on the technological capabilities that we have created in the framework of the fifth generation," — said Pogosyan, responding the question of how the creation of a new Russian UAV weighing about 20 tons.

According to him, the first phase also includes coordination with the customer, not the basic requirements to the complex as a whole and to its individual systems. "For more details, we will talk about that when this step is completed, and when we go out on the stage of practical implementation (development of new UAV)", — said the head of the KLA.

He noted that the technological capabilities of the program of the fifth generation on the basis of which the new aircraft will quickly go out on the concrete realization of the demands that will be in the final agreed with the Defense Ministry.

Answering the question of when the preliminary studies of a new phase of the project can be completed, Pogosyan said: "As soon as we arrive at the conclusion of preliminary studies and negotiate this with the Ministry of Defence, we will inform about it."

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