Russia is gaining strength and

Launched an ultra-modern refining plant in Tatarstan. During construction 70% of the equipment and materials supplied domestic manufacturers.

Incorporated in the plant design solutions and selected technologies can achieve the unique value of the depth of oil refining — 97%.

At this plant Nelson index, which characterizes the complexity of the technology of oil is 15 — it's fantastic high. To be clear, simple distillation of crude oil has an index of Nelson 1.0, catalytic reforming adds to it 0.6, hydrotreating for about 0.175, and so on. Imagine how much technical processes should happen to rate reached 15?

Power of the first start-up complex of raw material is 7 million tons of sulfurous oil per year. In the factory has already invested 171 billion rubles. Details in the article Factory "TANECO" in Tatarstan started.

But even that's seeds, because in the meantime Putin is creating 17,000 new jobs in the "Titanium Valley".

We are talking about specialized in the production of titanium Special Economic Zone in Upper Salda, on the basis of the world's leading producer of titanium products "VSMPO." The decision on this area has already been signed by Putin and agreed to by all parties, is now undergoing final inspection at the Ministry of Justice.

This is not a hunchbacked Skolkovo.

CHEP launched in November, the largest investment project in 2010 in the Middle Urals. However, we rejoice not only of pipe "Alt-239", but also a new mini-mill "Iron Ozone 32" Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant. It's a real high-tech iron, "white metals".

And here in St. Petersburg, Putin launched a major stamping plant "Intercosmos-4" — St. Petersburg, this company has already supplied by Bosch-Siemens in Strelna stamped parts for refrigerators, LG Electronics factory in the suburbs parts for flat-panel TVs, but with the launch of a new plant situation changes dramatically .

Produced at the new plant stampings and stamp-elements are intended primarily for car body production at existing plants and existing automotive Ford Motor Company, General Motors Company, Nissan Motor, Hyundai Motor Company, Renault Group, and others.

And expand the supply to Russian factories Bosch und Siemens Hausgerate GmbH, LG Corp., Indesit Company.

In parallel, the company "Scania — Peter" opened in Shushary (in Pushkin area, south of St. Petersburg) factory trucks SCANIA.

This plant is an extension of the current in St. Petersburg from 2002 production SCANIA, which produces modern buses SCANIA OmniLink. Buses, by the way, super:

Well, it should be noted that at the Hyundai plant near St. Petersburg began production car Solaris. Looking like robots boiled body of this great machine, just heart good. And after such a price tag of Solaris that Europe simply choke with envy, and Renault engineers have cognitive dissonance.

Thus we see that around Peter develops new high-tech automotive cluster.

By the way, according to JD Power, Hyundai cars like the owners no less than the Toyota and Lexus, cars and Ford — all on top of customer loyalty. Do not believe me? Read for yourself: Rating fidelity automotive brands.

Pleases us and the defense industry. The Mi-28 vigorously act to the troops — Helicopter Regiment in Budennovsk already fully rearmed by Mi-28N, and now the helicopters started to arrive in the 55th separate helicopter regiment in Korenovsk.

But the U.S. is not even worried about it, and the intention of Russia to sell China 48 ultra-modern Su-35 fighters. That's where pindosskie point starts to do bench-press for real.

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