Russia is one of the most attractive markets for global real estate

According to the British auditing company Ernst &Young, Russia is rapidly moving to leadership in the global real estate investment market.

More and more working in real estate investors recognize Russia more attractive for investment than Europe.

On page 45 of the report recently released by Ernst &Young said that according to their survey 87 percent of companies consider Russia an attractive or very attractive country to invest in real estate, while for Europe as only 83 per cent were in favor of investment companies.

The most active investors in this area — private companies that provide services to wealth management, which are eagerly buying up cheap Russian real estate. A little behind them, investment trusts, real estate company.

The most tasty morsel for investing in commercial real estate companies, of course, is Moscow, while investment trusts prefer to buy a suburban real estate retail. As for real estate, there is the greatest demand is expected to be the major Russian cities with a population over one million.

According to the survey, the major investors (including banks and investment companies) expect this year to replenish their portfolios of Russian real estate. 84 percent of respondents plan to pay investments in Russian real estate more attention, although a year ago, so said only 57 percent of investors. As a result of increasing demand, and residential and commercial real estate is bound to increase in value — according to a report Ernst &Young.

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