Russia made a breakthrough in the development of information and communication technologies

Russia improved its position in the annual ranking of the development of information technology, which is calculated experts at the World Economic Forum (WEF). In the rankings for 2011-2012, Russia rose to 21 degree — 56 th to 77 th in 2010-2012, and takes place between Kazakhstan (55) and Panama (57). In 2009-2010, Russia was 80th.

"Networked Readiness Index" of the Russian Federation, which determines the level of ICT development in the country has increased from 3.7 to 4.


Leadership in the ranking retained Sweden (Networked Readiness Index — 5.94), the second place is still in Singapore, on the third — Finland. Denmark took the fourth place, ahead of Switzerland. On the 6th and 7th places — the Netherlands and Norway, and the United States dropped to 8th place from the 5th. With well-developed ICT infrastructure to the final position in the ranking of the U.S. affected individual weaknesses in the political and administrative spheres, Othman in the report.

China ranks 51 th (36 th in the previous rating), India — 69th (48th), Brazil — 65th, South Africa — 72 th. The strengths of the Russian Federation, according to experts the WEF is the mobile penetration rate (7th ranked), adult literacy (9th), the price level for a fixed Internet access (17th). At the same time, a number of problems prevent the spread of ICT, including lower intellectual property protection (126th), the inefficiency of the legal system (123rd), and the low susceptibility of companies to adopt new technologies (130th).

The potential of information technology in Russia is underutilized as companies and government agencies, said Alexei Holiday, Partner Strategy Partners Group and coordinator of the program to assess the WEF competitiveness of ICT in Russia. "Due to the broad and consistent implementation of technologies such as" e-government ", it is possible in a short time to achieve improvements in many areas, including reducing barriers to business in licensing, connecting to electricity, the customs service," — said A.Prazdnichnyh.

ICT Development Index is based on a combination of publicly available statistics and the results of a survey of business executives. The report provides detailed profiles of 142 countries and the values of the level of penetration and use of ICTs in each national economy. In 2008, the Russian Federation has approved the strategy of development of the information society. It envisages that by 2015, Russia in terms of development of the information society is to be in the top 20 countries in the world, and the level of accessibility of national ICT infrastructure for the information society actors should take a position in the international rankings at least 10 minutes, "Interfax" .

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