Russia plans to spend $ 285 billion on roads

Tver — Russia will send 285 billion dollars for the construction of roads in the next decade, which will increase the pace of construction in half, said on Monday, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, expressing plans, one of the most pressing issues for Russian voters.

Putin hinted that can stand as a candidate in the presidential election in March 2012, is trying to enlist the support of motorists. Polls show that Russians are increasingly concerned about the state and quality of the roads due to the fact that the number of cars has doubled in the last ten years, reaching 40 million, and by 2020, it is expected that the number will reach 60 million.

The World Bank said that Russia's road infrastructure is one of the main obstacles to economic growth due to the fact that only one-third of the pavement meets the quality standards.

According to Putin, the state of Russian roads is a real problem, constraining business development and regional development in Russia. "Our financial resources allow you to increase road construction doubled in the next ten years", — Putin said at a government meeting in Tver, which is 220 km north-west of Moscow.

According to the World Bank, Mr. Putin did not pay much attention the topic of road construction during his presidency. For example, in 2009 in Russia for only 1.5% of GDP directed to road construction, while in 2000 it spent 2.8%. In China, this figure is 3.5% of GDP. During the economic boom in road construction industry has become one of the most corrupt in Russia, and the cost of construction has increased significantly.

"We need to eliminate the factors that lead to artificially high prices for construction and delay the completion of the work", — said Putin.

Russia, located on the 124 in the quality of road surface according to the World Economic Forum, has increased the cost of construction by 40% in 2011, reaching $ 25 billion, and at the end of 2010 completed construction of a highway connecting the European part of the country from the Far East.

In 2011 in Russia were approved by the federal and regional budgets for road construction. They will be formed directly from levying duties on oil and registration of vehicles.

Over the past few years, car owners have held numerous demonstrations against corrupt traffic police and traffic violations senior officials.

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