Russia. Premier League. 10 round FC Rubin (Kazan) — FC Lokomotiv (Moscow)

[Cut] 90 +4 serious competitive advantage was with the hosts and by the time the judge razduharilis and began handing out cards, they were confident. "Locomotive" for the first time lost at Maminove, and "Ruby" became a leader for at least the next 24 hours. With you was Dmitri Shahs. Until next time.

90 +4 Maminov hardly contain emotions in an interview with NTV: "We lost more martial arts. Errors due to which we missed goals is for children. When they began to play in the minority, and it turned out better organized. No comment."

90 +4 That’s it. The ball went out of bounds, Cech kicks the ball and the final whistle sounds. The match is over.

90 +3′ We reached another penalty the hosts, but there followed an inaccurate transmission.

90 +2′ rolled the ball players, "Ruby", short passes, without visual … So go slowly seconds.

90’3 minutes of added beagle, it was possible and smaller. In my opinion all be glad to get away to the locker room.

89’Denis GlushakovPoteryal the ball at the opponent’s penalty area and in the hearts hit in the legs Sibaya. Another yellow card.

87’Uzhe and hosts are not too eager to advance, both teams see out the match.

85’Vse-taki is back in the captain of the hosts. "Locomotive" in the minority is trying to attack, but it turns out really bad.

83’Sychev gets to the ball, but he was all alone in the attack, he waited Kuzmina, but that in the subcategory covered Semak. And apparently injured Sergei.

81’Andrey GorbanetsProdolzhaet Biglov handing out cards left and right. For hitting after the whistle is booked Gorbanets.

80’Rebrov immediately noted strike on goal, however inaccurate.

79’Sergey RebrovRebrov appeared on the field.

79’Alehandro DomingesDominges very tight shot from 25 yards passing by. And then it changed.

77’Andrey GorbanetsGorbanets instead Karadeniz.

77’Gekdeniz KaradenizMaminov with substitutions in no hurry, and Berdyyev for the second does.

76’Naves and Rodolfo barely not turned the ball into the goal.

76’Sychev burst into the penalty area, then squeezed him out, but Sharon broke the rules, with a sharp corner of the penalty stroke of the guests.

74’Piter OdemvingieOdemvingie aspired to the ball, but slightly before reaching for the ball entered the sole right to the chest Ryzhikov. There was already one card from Peter and Biglov shows him a second yellow! With "Spartacus", he will not play.

72’Stranno that Maminov that he decided not to rebuild the game after removal.

70’Sergey RyzhikovRazoshelsya beagle, for time-wasting card shows a goalkeeper, "Ruby."

69’Hasan KabzeVmesto him Hassan Cubs.

69’Roman AdamovSvistom escorted Adam, he had a bad match. Although cleared it.

68’Kristian AnsaldiGrubo Daniel Adams broke the rules, and the card shows the referee Ansaldi, who barely held the opponent. Semak is puzzled and says something to smile but the referee did not want to hear.

66’Piter OdemvingiePoluchaet yellow for arguing Peter.

65’Yan DyuritsaOpasnaya attack "Loco" Rizhikov knocks the ball away from the valley, to be shot, the ball flies off after a few bounces to Dyuritsu, he was in obvious offside, but strikes and scores … after the whistle. And Biglov shows him a second yellow card. For many consecutive match in the match, "Locomotive" should remove!

63’I again Adam … At this time the striker for some reason, ahead of his goalkeeper and almost brought a goal, luckily for him, one of the players broke a rule. If it were not for the maroon T-shirt Roman, then it would be difficult to determine which team he plays today.

62’Standart the gate, "Ruby", and there was marked Adams tried to make the ball away, and he had cut off and went to the corner.

61’Ogryznulsya "Locomotive" Odemwingie shot from a distance, very powerful, but a little inaccurate.

60’Opyat dangerous canopy at the far post off from there to the center where Ryazancev tried to kick the ball forward into the goal, but the ball glanced harmlessly off the alignment.

59’Uglovoy brought nothing, but soon the "Ruby" flew to the counter, Karadeniz shot Adam again to pass the ball back heel, but Ryazantseva Semak not repeat the action came in the away team hardly carried the ball over the front.

58’Adamov takes on chest high gear, but again makes extra touch and his shot hit a defender. Second rate "Ruby" through the right flank hung at the far post, where Dominguez opredeil Yanbayev and passed the ball to a corner.

57’V last minutes more possession of the ball a lot, "locomotive" of profiting from them is impossible.

55’Alehandro DomingesDominges rough fouls in the attack. And receives a yellow card, the third of the season.

54’FininoVmesto it Finino. Apparently he now takes place on the right touchline.

54’Rezvan KochishKochisha removes Maminov.

53’Dlinnaya transfer from own half exactly Sychev, who entered the penalty area, but his shot blocked.

50’Teper already standard gate Cech managed to fight back from Moscow. Meanwhile, warming up Finino … curious.

49’Gosti not very well executed free kick. Just one point managed to create for the whole match, it will be interesting to change anything in front Maminov? Maybe it’s time to release Minchenkova …

47’Gekdeniz КараденизГОООООООООООООООООООЛ! Do not have time to start the second half, as Kocsis lost ball at the gate and Karadeniz goes for goal with his right foot from 20 yards putting the ball into the near corner. No one is met as follows.

46’Nachalsya the second half.

46’Komandy back on the field.

45’Vse, added nothing beagle. The stop was just one, but the referee decided that she was pulling for a moment. The first half is over.

45 ‘"Ruby" continues to attack non-stop, but nothing too dangerous for the last 2 minutes are not created.

43’V Dyuritsa was once again beaten, this time Dominguez, but Alejandro canopy performed accurately and Yanbayev knocked the ball head. Followed by a canopy Karadeniz, who took Cech.

41’Esche one failure "Loco." Adam goes one-on-one time to take a quick look and make sure that the side of the flag is not raised, just did not beat around the Yanbaeva yet, but after that Cech was in front of him and Adam decided to go back and undo a ball hit by teammate who broke into the heaven. The second time he tarried in the magnificent Roman situation.

38’Yan DyuritsaBystraya attack hosts, Dyuritsa fouls Domínguez, but the ball is still in the "Rubin" should serve, Sibaya does not reach the ball. But the ball gets to Ryazantseva, that removes one motion defenders, but a second later came close to him and forced Cech to punch straight into the arms themselves. Dyuritsa today puts a lot of mistakes in the center of defense. After the episode Dyuritsa booked deferred.

38’Zatihla game became more violations less often the team began to think about other people’s doors.

35’Horoshee of the combination was "Loco" quickly went on the attack, but instead of passing on the right flank for free Kocsis followed terribly inaccurate pass into the hands of Ryzhikov.

33’Semak rolled back under Sharlesa and like a ball, but gives a free Biglov. Rodolfo has almost the center of the field, was significantly higher than the ball.

32’Karadeniz Yanbaeva walked down the touchline and cut out luxury canopy for Adam, he broke into a nine centimeters above the right, Cech would have been powerless.

31’Dyuritsa makes a mistake and gives the ball Adam, but he is very poorly handled the ball and the defenders managed to come back. Attack ended just wide canopy Ryazantseva.

30’Kochish pretty rough tackle by Ansaldi, Beagle has decided not to punish the Romanian card.

29’Yanbaev was trying to sneak in from the right touchline, but he was stopped.

28’Obmenyalis team attacks with the final inaccurate transmission.

26’Cheh takes a nice jump shot from Dominguez from the corner of the field.

25’Provalilas little defense, "Loco", but Adam did not have time to move the ball in the center, which accumulates a free player. Dyuritsa to tip the ball to a corner.

23’Kuzmin great threw the ball out and brought Sychev 1 on 1, but Dmitry figured something is not clear. He could hit or pass the ball on a free Kocsis, and he poked the ball towards the sole defender of "Ruby."

21’Maminov beckoned Glushakova and gives him some instructions, and at this time Sibaya medical care.

20’Popytalis second rate to attack, "railroad", Hlushakou entered the penalty area, but he tripped over the opponent’s legs and fell.

19’Pervy corner at the gate, "Ruby." Very high and the supply performed inaccurately player "Locomotive."

17’Dlinnaya attack "Locomotive", Sychev canopy over the gate. Not very ably defended by "Ruby", regularly returning the ball to the opponent, but the guests have not taken advantage.

15’Ocherednoy corner at Cech, strayed from Moscow. In the knock-down was the "locomotive", while still did not create himself in front of goal.

14’Zatyazhnaya attack ended the removal Kocsis far away, yet close and do not think about the attack guests.

13’Prodolzhaet "Ruby" to press, and basically deliver the ball into the penalty area on horseback.

11’Snova hot at the gate "Locomotive", but this time the output reliably played Cech.

9’Sergey SemakGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Dyuritsa flunked Dominguez, the striker decided to break from a distance, but the ball hit the head of one of the players standing in the wall. On a high trajectory ball flew into the penalty area, where Adam beat Kocsis heel and dropped the ball into the center of the penalty, from Semak dense blow open an account! In behaved guests get the first goal.

7’Tri casting a row followed by Cech in the box, the second was very dangerous, but in the end, "railroad" handled all.

7’a here is the first momentik. Balyaykin sends a lovely pass, Semak tried to convert the first touch in the box, Rodolfo is not easily passed the ball to a corner.

6’Bystraya attack "Ruby", the ball is moved to the right flank for Dominguez, who did not earn even a corner.

4’Odemvingie tried to hang, but it turned out badly, the ball left the field.

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