Russia. Premier League. 11 round FC Lokomotiv (Moscow) — Spartak (Moscow)

[Cut] 90 +3′ That’s it! For you worked Anton Tretiak. Good luck! 90 +3′ That’s it! In the first half, both teams played well in the second half, played excellent judge, and eventually win, "Locomotive" at approximately the same game! 90 +3′ pass into the penalty "Locomotive", the arbitrator committed a foul against the goalkeeper. 90 +2′ FininoEto is ridiculous! For rough play against Bystrov. 90 +1′ Three minutes of added time. 89’Napryazhenno at the gate "Loco." But Alex is not quite decided on the logical blow of not the most comfortable position. The ball is lost. 88’Stanislav IvanovUkreplyaet Maminov middle of the field. 88’Baye Jib FallNedolgo music played … 86’Esche one save Cech! Fantastically played goalie in the end game. "Spartacus" is beginning to attack! Makeev hit his head after a corner. 85’Bazhenov’s header from very close range and Cech pulls the ball out of the nine. Bravo, the goalkeeper! 83’Fall be in front of goal. One. Time pulled the ball and kept it. Normally. 81’Ataka "Locomotive", but surely plays Canan and takes the ball. 79’Rafael KariokaBraziltsy packs go on vacation in "Spartacus." We are waiting for a red card Alex. 79’Denis Glushakova understand that for the foul, it may be a hassle for a Carioca. 79’Popihalis little Hlushakou and Carioca in the center. We are waiting for the sanctions. 78’Martin IranekZa failure of the attack. Although very controversial foul that the Czech and tried to explain to the judge. 77’Bystrov did not run up the right wing, gave a good pass to Welliton and he tried to get into the far corner — a little is not enough. 74’Rafael KariokaZa talk with the judge. 74’Vrode dangerous attack of "Spartacus", but logically not complete. Spartacus frantically looking for each other in another penalty, but did not find. 72’Dzhanaev again plays outside the box head. As long as everything goes exiled. 70’Boyarintsev takes aim and shoots from a distance. High. 70’Gatagov as though I had a great chance to refute, but did not realize it. Very good point was! 67’Chestno speaking, dull second half yet. The first one was very good, and in the second but only fouls yellow … 66’Sut that the next game with "Khimki" and then a small vacation. Welliton seems to want to leave now. 65’VellitonGlupy foul in the center circle and skip to the next match. I would say that this was done on purpose, but not at the request of Karpin, because his face Spartak coach was such that I do not envy Welliton after the match. 63’Aleks spins starting from a corner at goal, but it dominates Cech. 61’Baye Jib FallSvezhy striker will not prevent "Loco." 61’Aleksandr MinchenkovPora and relax young striker. 59’Boyarintsev that after Makeev moved to midfield, and now returns to the defensive line. 58’Nikita BazhenovForvard instead of a defender. 58’Malik FathiNuzhno recoup "Spartacus." 54’Vladimir BystrovZa failure of the attack. 52’Slozhno appreciate this point. On the one hand, a clear sense of "dive", when viewed from different camera it seems that Dmitry slipped, and with a third foul at all possible to make out. 52’Dmitry SychevPokidaet field Sychev. 51’Zabivaet "Locomotive", but after the whistle. Sychev falls on the lawn, and the referee pulls out a yellow for diving. The second? 50’Dzhanaev something wrong tried to enter the ball into play … 49’Seriya innings in the penalty box, "Spartacus", a corner a corner. But no threats to the gate Dzhanaeva. 46’FininoOchen beautiful fall! 46’Nu Now, finally began. 46’U’ve got a smokescreen over the field, so a second time until it starts. Fans have fun again … 46’Evgeny MakeevVse correctly, the protection of "fire." 46’Ivan SaenkoPloho played. 45’Vse, the first half is over. We look forward to the continuation! 45’Nichego not the referee added! 44’AleksI seeking "Spartacus" of his own. — Or rather, Alex! Firing from the bottom edge of the box after a fight Rodolfo Dziuba and the ball bounced to him. 43’Naves Saenko from the left flank and hit his head Dziuba. Above the gate! 41’Zabivaet still "Spartacus," but after the whistle. Foul on goalkeeper recorded a judge. 37’Zaschite "Spartacus" — deuce. Defense players were waiting for the whistle, as Sychev was offside, but the attack Dmitriy not participate, but because of the spin already ran Minchenkov. 36’Aleksandr MinchenkovKuzmin very long pass led to the shock position Minchenkova and opposers of "Spartacus" has confirmed my feelings matter. 35’Prostrel, the ball rolled across the goal line Cech, but none of Spartacus was not locked …. 35’Metrov 30 decided to put the ball Shtrantsl Cech takes a jump ball to the corner. 34’Golevoy moment in "Spartacus." Alex and Welliton come up with a good attack, Welliton burst into the penalty area, but his shot repelled Cech. 32’Ostanovilis advocates of "Spartacus" and the player, "Locomotive" ran one-on-one Dzhanaevu had to play outside the penalty area and he did it with confidence. Head sent the ball into touch. 31’Aleks is trying to bring one on one Boyarintseva, but slightly wrong computer Brazilian, first on the ball Cech was. 29’V last minute distinct advantage, "Locomotive". Attacking the railroad and make it quite dangerous. 28’Velliton rushed to the ball in the opponent’s penalty area and made a foul against the defender. 26’Gatagov won the ball near the opponent’s penalty area, he decided to play, advanced, and shot on goal, but his shot went weak and inaccurate. 25’Dmitry SychevGrubaya game against Bystrov. 23’Lokomotivskie Brazilians have prepared such a surprise to his countrymen of "Spartacus." Three Brazilian within both clubs. 22’RodolfoPodacha corner Fininyu Rodolfo and he takes off in the fall just an effort on goal! 21’Oshibka Dujmovic, who missed the ball on the line of the penalty, and Welliton second touch shot on goal. Cut the ball off his feet and shot went far wide of the goal. 20’Alan GatagovZa needless foul. 19’Dva times in a row from the corner of the field hands down "Spartacus," a rather dangerous, the second threat in itself is not represented. 18’Dzyuba gives a great inside pass Bystrov on the right flank, where the missile shifted to the center quickly, but Kuzmin knocked the ball from under the feet of Spartacus. The corner. 15’Aktivno spent the last minutes of "Spartacus," even went so far as to "Locomotive" was forced to retreat to play. 13’Vot this moment in "Spartacus! Welliton heel brought a fast one on one with Cech, but Vladimir just missed the goal. 200-percent point! 11’Prostrel the penalty" Spartacus, "but it clearly works for Canan interception. 9 ‘ Sychev burst into the penalty area, easily removes Boyarintseva, but still before the firing is not reached. Slowly all of Dmitry turns. yet beat until lifted his head, while his shot … 9’Nu all muddled start over, the game turned into a positional stage. 7’Na stadium, by the way, a full house, which was expected 6 ‘"In the ten years I was offered to go in" Spartacus. "They said, we’ll buy you a house, an apartment, a car. From now dislike. child is I suggest … that a child prodigy? Of course not. do not believe it. Refused "- these are the words of Alexander Minchenkova. 5’Naves from the penalty should be, but right into the hands of Cech ball flies. 4’Gruby foul against Bystrov, but preuprezhdeniya not. 3’Poaet "Locomotive" corner, the ball darted into the box and then left for the front line. From the gate. 2 ‘"Locomotive" starts with the attack, but Sychev strike was unsuccessful, the defender prevented him. 1’Poehali! 0’ Spare "Locomotive": 1. Levenets, 17. Sennikov, 10. Mujiri, 25. Kocsis, 77. Ivanov, 97. Piliev, 19. Fall. Spare
"Spartacus": 22. Pletikosa, 14. Rodriguez, 16. Makeev, 6. Sabitov, 8. Pavlenko, 17. Kovalchuk, 21. Bazhenov. 0’Zdravstvuyte "Boxing" offers you the online broadcast of the match, "Lokomotiv" — "Spartacus." On the history of confrontation between the two capital clubs can talk a lot. But we will not make excursions into history, but let’s talk about these matters. Both clubs for a long time, "sick", and now, at any rate, for some actions of the owner of the club, are on the road to recovery. in "Spartacus," which combines the work of the General Director and head coach Valery Karpin. "Locomotive" returns to the coaching post Yuri Semin, who has to fix made to him. Match with "Spartacus" Yuri Pavlovich will see from the rostrum, and the team in the last porukovodit Vladimir Maminov, which will then his assistant . still will not be able to help his team Bilyaletdinov Torbinskiy, will miss the game deleted in Kazan Dyuritsa and Odemwingie.

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