Russia. Premier League. 12 round FC Saturn (Ramenskoye) — FC Lokomotiv (Moscow)

[Cut] 90 +2′ And I’m on this bid you farewell. Commented this match Artem Taimanov, see you later. 90 +2′ Statistics strikes still speaks in favor of the guests: 11 strokes (3 on target) in "Saturn", 17 (7) of the "Locomotive". But, as Mark Twain said, "There are lies, blatant lies, and statistics." It is not always so, of course, but in our case we can not say that the "locomotive" was played better, though some great unrealized moments they had accumulated. 90 +2′ interview to NTV. Yuri Semin: "Today, our opponent played better than us and they deserved the win." Andrey Gordeev: "The game was a double-edged, hard, it showed that our players — the individual, the most important thing. Good ball control players is crucial in our game. I think that our best games yet to come." 90 +2′ Everything sounds the final whistle. 90 +2′ Nothing interesting happens in stoppage time, all is clear. 90’Vsego, then the two minutes of added time, the number of substitutions in the second half. 89’Oleg Kuzmin struck from outside the box, trying to spin the ball into the far corner, but the target is not hit. 86’Baye Jib FallOpyat Fall faced Vorobyov, this time the Senegalese went back to tackle, for which he was awarded the "yellow card". 84’Baye Djiby Fall broke the rules in horse anti-Roman Vorobiev. 82’Oleg Kuzmin hang on partners from outside the goalkeeper and the ball was knocked out for a corner. 80’Marko TOPIC got to the "offside". 79’Aleksandr SapetaAleksandr Sapeta appeared. 79’Dmitry LoskovDmitry Loskov by chants of "Well done Well done!" goes on vacation. 78’Veeroobraznaya attack turned in "Saturn", Loskov gave a pass to Angbva, who was all alone in the right side of the penalty area, but his shot to the right of the gate. 77’Marko TopichMarko TOPIC instead it went. 77’Dmitry KirichenkoI Dmitry Kirichenko immediately left the field. 76’Dmitry Kirichenko from the left edge of the box hit the post. Angle for a goal, however, was too sharp. 75’I Fall again, this time after the filing of Renata Yanbaeva he managed to punch well above the limits of the goalie. 74’Baye Djiby Fall tried to smuggle the ball into the goal — Kinski recorded "spotty." 72’Vadim EvseevVadim Evseev fouls Razvan Kocsis, and now his next outing on the field is delayed — with "Khimki" he will not play. 71’Petr Nemov hung on Dmitri Kirichenko, that somehow gave the goal, but the shot did not really Dmitri turned out. 69 ‘"Locomotive" is trying to attack, but there is something missing. Well, strictly speaking, not enough coherence, all from time to time trying to kick at goal, but failed. 67’Dmitry Kirichenko put pressure Marek Cech, who tried to knock the ball off his foot, but got into Russian. Round shot at happiness "Locomotive", do not fly in the gate, and up, and Marek was able to catch him. 65’Roman VorobevAleksey Ivanov left the field, Roman Vorobiev appeared. 65’Aleksey IvanovVse three substitutions made a "locomotive", and "Saturn" up to this point there was not one. Very rarely it happens. 64’Odemvingie loaded on goal from 20 meters, trying to spin the ball tightly to the far post, but did not hit. 63’Rezvan Kocsis played this standard, the Czech goalkeeper punched knocked the ball outside the penalty area. 62’Renat Yanbayev published kissed the ball, the ball reached Kinski and translated it into a corner. 59’Sharles struck from a free kick after a long perepasovki, Antonin Kinsky in place. 57’Teper Loskov broke into another penalty, but the shot to the left of the alignment. 55’Yan DyuritsaDyuritsa replaced Rodolfo, as promised. 55’RodolfoVot and replacement. 54’Dmitry LoskovGOOOOOOOOOOL! Dmitry Loskov adds Assists goal scored! Initially, Dmitri partners were located on the edge of the box and tried to kick at goal, but their attacks were blocked as a result of round shot rebounded to Loskova, and he struck ball on the rise, sending him tightly to the pole! Marek Cech to the ball is not reached, but he still turned a blind review, the moment of impact the Czech did not see, apparently. 53’Yan Dyuritsa getting ready to go to replace. 52’Rodolfo limped and, apparently, now leaves the field. 49’Oleg Kuzmin powerful shot on goal, but it was just in Antonin Kinsky. 49’Loskov executed corner, but there was no danger. 48’Aleksey Ivanov hung in the direction front of goal, and it came dangerously — Marek Cech had to jump up to catch the ball to the corner, because the round shot ducked him by the collar. 46’Baye Jib FallV unlike the first, which was forced, this is tactical — increased attack. 46’Alan GatagovZamena in the "Locomotive", is the second. 46’Nachalsya the second half. 45 +1′ All break! Statistics curious enough — a "Saturn" 4 hits, of which only 1 hit the target, "Locomotive" is 8 strokes, 3 of them in the target. In this competitive advantage Muscovites are not visible. 45 +1′ Kirichenko head threw the ball to Ivanov, but he badly handled round shot, sending the ball to Marek Cech. 45’Odnu minute added Sergei Karasev. 44’Ne too meaningful game until it turns out, the activity in the actions of both teams like is, and very few dangerous moments. 43’Rezvan Kocsis hang from the penalty Loskov head knocked the ball. 42’Aleksey Igonin insure good partner, not an empty Peter Odemwingie to their goal. 38’Odemvingie struck at goal — no matter how distant, and so inaccurate. 34’Odemvingie! Excellent canopy did not use Peter, just to head the ball came to him, the Nigerian decided to break ricocheted off the lawn, but it turned out very poorly, the ball flew into the hands Kinski. 33’Dmitry Loskov again performed well standard, cool canopy into the penalty he received, but his partners were able to catch the ball. 32’Aleksandr Minchenkov got into an offside position. 31’Piter Odemwingie rolled the ball hit by Oleg Kuzmin, but he missed the goal. 30’Stanislav IvanovStanislav Ivanov in his place. 30’Tomislav Tomislav Dujmovic’s left the field. 29’Angbva, however, returned to the game. 27’Angbva and Tomislav Dujmovic injured. It seems now to be followed by replacement. 25’Vadim Evseev fouls the opponent’s half of the field. 23’Poka that does not work, "Locomotive" to find the way to the gate, "Saturn." 20’ZelauGOOOOOOOOOL! Ricardo Zealand opens an account in today’s match! A great "diving" pass performed with the standard Dmitry Loskov, and the Brazilian could only put his head under the ball, which he did, crossing the "round" at the gate! 19’Sharles fouls Angbva. Loskov free kick. 16’Dmitry KirichenkoSoshlis in combat Marko Basa and Dmitri Kirichenko, the Russian fell and began to demand fixing violations in the actions of the opponent, but he was shown a yellow card. 15’Aleksey Ivanov shot from the right edge of the box, but Dmitri Loskov not reached for the ball, but the position was excellent in midfield, right in the center of the gate, he was … 15’Kuzmichev head dropped the ball on Kirichenko, but until Dmitry ball flew, Marek Cech was closer to the circular shell. 11’Uglovoy "locomotive" was executed poorly, but the ball kept the Muscovites, and it came to the impact Alan Gatagova the goal. However, recovered from injury Antonin Kinsky in place. 9’Piter Odemwingie struck a shot on goal, but the angle was too sharp. 8′Dmitry Kirichenko badly reached for the transfer of high Angbva, sending the ball head far above the gate. A beat, then Dmitry nearly goalie … 6’Vladimir Kuz’michev broke through on the right, but his shot to the right of the gate. 4’Nachalo match takes place without the gate. 1’U "Locomotive", by the way, today disqualified Dmitry Sychev, Finino (removal of the game with "Spartacus") and Denis Glushakov (four yellow). "Saturn" because of the four "yellow cards&quo
t; lost Leonid Kovel. 1’Poehali! Your commentator — Artem Taimanov. 0’Na guest platform stretched a banner welcoming the return of Yuri Semin. 0’Komandy took to the field. 0’Zapasnye "Locomotive": Levenets, Sennikov, skid, Sergei Ivanov, Mujiri, Fall, Dyuritsa. 0’Zapasnye "Saturn": TOPIC, Temnikov Vorobyov, Sapeta, Malkov, ribs, Okoronkwo. 0’Privetstvuyu all football fans! Today at 17:00 Moscow time in the 12th round of the Russian Championship in Moscow Region Ramenskoye will join the local "Saturn" and Moscow "Locomotive". In 20 games between these two teams, "Saturn" only twice, got the victory, and the only home success came in the year 2002! However, until last season, and the "locomotive" for a long time did not know the taste of victory over ramenchanami — before last victory of Muscovites took place back in the 2004 season, so that a year ago they broke lose-lose streak that lasted three and a half years, winning in Ramenskoye 2-1 . As for the standings, the "locomotive" is currently ranked ninth place, gaining 16 points, and "Saturn" — 14th with 10 points. Not the most cheerful picture for both clubs, but in the "locomotive" is now back Yuri Semin — let’s see what happens in the first game under his leadership. Ramenchane, by the way, the coach changed a little earlier, and played in three games since then have not conceded a goal (in this case for 8 rounds starting at their gates visited 18 goals!). In short, it will be interesting. Do not miss our translation of the text!

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