Russia. Premier League. 5 round FC Lokomotiv (Moscow) — Zenit (St. Petersburg)

[Cut] 90 +3′ All match is over. Fighting draw. Thank you and see you soon at football. 90 +2′ Three minutes of added time to the main. 90 +1′ The panic in the area, "Loco", Danny beats with grief in half knock the ball home side. 90’Danni vsvobodnuyu zone broke through a chamber in the center of the penalty kick in the Tekke has Kuzmin. 89’Marek ChehChehu yellow for time-wasting. 88’Shirokov Anyukovu the course of the penalty area, no time to Alexander. 87 ‘"Zenith" presses in the last minute, a long-range effort Denisov — by. 86’Davit "Zenith", the whole team is almost the opponent’s half of the field, hard pressure. 85’Roman ShirokovShirokov appeared on the field. 85’Ivitsa Kryzhanats at a late replacement. 84’Renat YanbaevYanbaev instead Sychev. 84’Dmitry SychevUsilivaet defense, "Loco." 81’Fatih TekkeTekke plays. 81’Pavel Pogrebnyak guests Pogrebnyak replaced. 80’Denis GlushakovGlushakov left. 80’Dmitry TorbinskiyTorbinskogo replaced Rakhimov. 79’Marko BashaPogrebnyak pushing through the player’s "Loco", went one-on-one, Basha had fouled — removal. 78’Posle lumbago Sychev Meira almost deflected the ball into his own net. 76’Sabolch HustiHusti Faizulina instead. 76’Viktor FayzulinZamena the guests. 76’Prostril Gvardis Tymoshchuk, not the first time a captain in the leg opponent plays, but so far without the card. 75’V near corner curled out of the penalty Dyuritsa — "seeds" for Malafeeva. 73’Zabegali hosts, caught courage, but now do not have enough composure in the latest gear. 71’РодолфоГООООООООООООООООООЛ! Torbinskiy handed corner, Ziryanov passed the ball to Rodolfo, who head the ball into the "nine"! 70’Baye Jib FallFall left. 70’Piter OdemvingiePrihramyvaya, dismissed Peter. 69’Duymovich Danny gave a pass, he tried to go through the entire defense, but lost the ball in the penalty area. 66’Duymovich scratch out the ball in his own penalty, draining the environment. 64’Da, "Lokomotiv" — it’s something! Odemwingie pushing through counsel, popped one by one, Malafeev managed to clear the ball, but Sychev. And the … have not found anything better than a punch straight into the hands of goalkeeper risen. 61’Nebolshaya pause caused by smoke pollution from the burning torches. 58’Kim Dong-ZhinGOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Feeding free-kick from the right flank, Dong-Jin is himself completely free on the goal line and the head sends the ball into the net. 57’Danni blundered into the penalty area, dangerous shot, the fight in the goalie that plays Pogrebnyak. 56’Posle strike Denisova Cech confident acts on the line, helping his team. 55’Prekrasnoy transfer Torbinskiy organize a counterattack, but Odemwingie overexposed ball went into the penalty area and beat ruined the attack. 53’Mnogohodovka "Zenith", Danny takes, Cech is not easy, but reaches for the ball on the interception. 51’Torbinsky submitted to the near post, Ziryanov endures. 50’Anatoly TimoschukObygral at speeds Sychev Tymoshchuk, a captain after fouls. 48’Denisov was on the lawn, but there were no injuries. 46’Nachalsya the second half. 45 +3′ Completed the first half. Break. 45 +1′ Odemwingie brought Bilyaletdinov on strike, could throw the captain, "Loco" Malafeeva, but hooked the ball off to the side corner flag. 45’Tri minutes of the first half, added Alexander Gvardis. 44’Tomislav DuymovichKartochka Dujmovic for a foul on Fayzulin. 42’Kim filed for Danny, a header — in the hands of Cech. 41’Posle filing penalty guests could Dujmovic break from the penalty area, but very slowly and allowed Kryzhanats acted to defuse the situation. 39’Danni decided to break from 23 meters, but it is traditional for the Portuguese turned slightly and is easy for a goalkeeper. 38’Sychev picked up the ball at the opponent’s penalty area, trying to beat Kryzhanats, but lost the duel. 35’Basha brought the attack on the gate, Pogrebnyak angled out at the gate, Dyuritsa in desperate tackle ran under attack and saved his team. 32’Bystraya counterattack "Zenith", Fayzulin out of place misses the ball, hit Tymoshchuk — Cech manages. 30’Torbinsky filed a penalty, none of the owners did not get to the ball. 28’Anyukov struck the ball on target did not fly, but Cech beautifully decided to catch it. 25’Piter OdemvingiePervaya card — for a foul on Odemwingie Tymoshchuk. 23’I over a period of activity instruction is replaced by calm. 20’A that’s the answer, "Loco" the left edge, the transfer of Odemwingie breaks Fayzulin. 19’Anyukov broke through on the right side and shot — the defenders managed. 18’Shtrafnoy performed guests, Cech kulakamivybivaet ball. 16’Kuzmin filed from the right, too hard, the ball flies out of the penalty. 14’Posle frisky first ten-minute pace of the match is now somewhat asleep. 11’Kontrataku two in two hideous transfer ruined Odemwingie. 10’Pogrebnyak urgent supplies to the front, Cech and flying fists in the fall interrupts the transmission. 9’Pogrebnyak rushed into the penalty area, the ball past prokinul Dyuritsy, but lost the duel counsel. 7’Fayzulin to solve long-range strike — is inaccurate, and Cech all controlled. 6’Odemvingie the course Sychev, could be a goal, but Malafeev ahead a little forward. 5’Danni trying to beat Kuzmina, but eventually lost the ball. 3’Odemvingie in another penalty earned the first corner. 1’Match started. 0’Zapasnye "Locomotive": Levenets, Yanbayev, Mujiri, Sharles, Hlushakou, Piliev, Fall. Spare "Zenith": Chontofalski, Shirokov, Rix Semshov, Hust, Ionov, Tekke. 0’Zdravstvuyte, football fans. "Boxing" offers you a direct translation of the text duel fifth round of Russian Championship between the "locomotive" and "Zenith". Moscow team in the last round, defeated by CSKA — 1:4, "Zenith" was played over the zeros in the home game with "Amkar". After the resounding defeat of Rashid Rakhimov and his team will have to prove that they still claim to be a great deal. And a head coach in the Moscow club has already fallen, who knows how much more you have enough patience leadership "Locomotive." As for Dick Advocaat, he is clearly not in danger, the team started normally, and now comes in third place. Do not miss our text broadcast on Sunday at 14:00.

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