Russia. Premier League. 6 round FC Kuban (Krasnodar) — FC Lokomotiv (Moscow)

[Cut] 90 +4 Bogdan KaryukinVratar "Kuban" punished. 90 +4 That’s all. Michael worked for you hoe. Good luck! 90 +4′ The final whistle! Exults, "Kuban", Rashid Rakhimov closer to retirement, and we saw an interesting match. 90 +3′ A scoring pass, by the way, gave Tlisov. This is how … 90 +2′ Drumalee HaminuZa celebration stormy. 90 +1′ stunning scored Drumalee Hamina. In another penalty took the ball on his chest and polunozhnitsami shot on goal. Advocates and rvtar could not stop him. 90 +1′ Drumalee HaminuSpravedlivost triumphed! In the sense that the Hamina was today just handsome! 90’Chetyre minutes added. 89’Artur Tlisova suddenly do something? 89’Alan KasaevHorosho worked today. 88’Dmitry SennikovSennikov rough play. 88’Vo, guests on the field with us. A man came out, looked around, and he himself was gone. His appearance was such that he was clearly in the wrong place. Going to the ballet, and then on the green grass was in the company of men in shorts. 85’Podacha with the standard Fall and hit his head. Inaccurate. 85’Andrey TopchuZa rough play. 84’Sychev by dribbling trying to get through three opponents. But … Not a day, not a month and still not even a year Sychev … 81’Opyat Hamina an effort on goal. 79’Renat YanbaevVyhodit close freed after removing Kuzmina flank. 79’Denis GlushakovTakticheskaya replace Rakhimov. 79’Traore an effort on goal. Its a good but inaccurate. 78’A Hamina — good. Here and now possessed the ball well, gave Kasayeva but the shot blocked by a defender Alan. 76’Da too, the match we have is no result yet, but rich in red cards … 74’Oleg KuzminOtvetnoe deletion. Dramina broke through the gate, he pushed Kuzmin, who gave himself a chance to the opponent. 72’Podacha right towards the guests, not forwards to support the attack. 70’Topchu earned a free kick on the left edge. Submission of "standard" — in the hands of Cech. 67’Nelzya say "Kuban" plays goalless draw, but plays a much more cautious after removal — that’s for sure. 65’Plotno seized the initiative guests. Beat Glushakova hit the quarterback. 63’S left flank supply to the area of the goalie by Falla, the defender wins the fight. 60’Aleksandr TihonovetskiyBravo, Tihonovetsky! Went on the field at once to get the red! Rodolfo lying hit in the leg to Alexander, he moved with all his Brazilian. 59’Aleksandr TihonovetskiyTihonovetsky instead Traore. 59’Draman TraoreA here and the owners of the first replacement. 57’Moment! Sychev figured out two defenders and threw a shot, but chipped and gate! 55’Baye Jib FallFall appeared on the field. 55’Aleksandr MinchenkovMinchenkova changes Rakhimov. 52’V against Rodolfo falls Topcu, but nothing looks questioningly at referee — there was no violation. 50’Dzhioev free-kick struck the bar. 48’Mudzhiri gave the penalty, Dujmovic dealt a blow, but the target is not hit. The defenders prevented. 46’Nachalsya the second half. 45 +3′ Completed the first half. Break. 45 +2′ Ian DyuritsaPreduprezhden Dyuritsa for arguing with the referee. 45 +1′ Two minutes of added time. 45’Ochen poorly executed penalty Traore — the ball flew well above the crossbar. 44’Stanislav IvanovIvanov knocked Topcu before the penalty. 40’Draman gave the penalty, the way the ball — Kuzmin. The owners think that was the game at hand. But the referee does not think so. 38’Draman struck from a distance, the ball on the leg did not really lay down — turned toward the stands. 36’Denis Glushakova minute later Denis got himself booked for a foul on Kasayeva. 35’Sani KeytaKeyta booked. Glushakova hit. 32’Za foul on Kasayeva penalty. Boaventura played poorly — hit the wall. 28’U opposite gate hot — after a pass Ushenina Traore hit a few meters, the ball got in the way of Hlushakou. 26’Bogdan Karyukin rescued his team with a header Minchenkova. A completed submission Mujiri. 24’Mudzhiri cuts out a pass to another penalty on the stroke Minchenkova, forward slightly ahead of the goalkeeper. 22’David MudzhiriMudzhiri left. 22’Diniyar BilyaletdinovPoluchivshego damage Bilyaletdinov change. 20’Gosti missed out two in two, but Rodolfo selflessly played against Traore, stopped the attack. 18’Traore zero in on goal, it is very inaccurate. 15’S leaving the defense of the guests still a big problem. Every second pass out of place. 13’Dlinny cast forth by the owners, Sennikov reliable. 11’Rovnaya game so far, no attacks on the attack a large force. Cautious team. 8’Glushakov takes the free kick from the left edge. After filing the ball falls prey defenders. 5’Pervaya interesting attack hosts. Kasai shoots from the front, but Ushenin from a good position to hit the target but could not. 3’V part of "railroad" Torbinskiy not injured and suspended Bashi. No Odemwingie and even in stock, and at the heart of a young Minchenkov — here’s a surprise from Rakhimov. 1’Match started. 0’Dobry day, dear fans! Interesting sixth tour concludes an interesting match in Krasnodar — "Kuban" accepts "Locomotive".

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