Russia. Premier League. 7 round FC Lokomotiv (Moscow) — Spartak Nalchik (Nalchik)

[Cut] 90 +5′ "locomotive" picks up 9 points and so far it is only the tenth in the table, but now in the championship of such density that in the first place Muscovites separates some 5 points. Well, "Spartak" Nalchik divides the 14-15 line with the "Saturn". This concludes our broadcast. With you was Dmitri Shahs. Until next time. 90 +5′ Vladimir Maminov in an interview with NTV said: "For such a short time, something tactically strum hard. Paid more attention to the psychological aspects. Simply worked quietly, changed a few exercises to make it more emotion. Those guys who came out they waited for his chance, and they are fully justified the trust. " 90 +5′ All! The match is over! Maminov began his coaching career with a victory, and his team for the first time in the season, did not miss. 90 +4 David MudzhiriEsche one card, Mujiri got it. 90 +3′ Stanislav IvanovBukvalno for a couple of minutes out Smith. 90 +3′ OdemvingieUhodit Peter Odemwingie from the field, he did not score again, but again tried …. and did not score again. 90 +2′ Miodrag DzhudovichV Kocsis Dzhudovich entered into subcategories, and then something else he expressed himself violently from Montenegro. 90 +2′ Hassle arisen now Sukhina will hand out cards. 90 +1′ The next throw Yatchenko the penalty box, "Loco" strayed 90’Snachala Sychev tried to beat the defender on the outskirts of the penalty, but did not work out, picked up the ball player, "Locomotive" and gave it to Dujmovic, who struck. Rather weak and inaccurate. 90’Sychev got offside. 89’Naves in the box with the standard performed by guests, the best horse in the fight was Rodolfo. 87’Odemvingie tried to bring 1 to 1 Kocsis, but a little strong to receive the transmission. However Razvan showed thumb Peter thanked for the pass. 85’Odemvingie falls in the area, much like a penalty, but Sukhin different opinion. 84’David MudzhiriVmesto it announced earlier Mujiri. 84’Fernando da Silva SharlesUshel Sharles from the field, he had a good match. 83’Basha reached for the ball after the filing. Meanwhile Mujiri preparing to enter the game. 82’Marat BikmaevBikmaev a subcategory stops Yanbaeva that dangerous rushed in from the right touchline. Yellow card. 79’Pritihla game, "Spartacus" attacks is not very good, and "Loco" very carefully. 76’Ocherednoy standard gate Cech, now there will be another, as the ball went for a corner. 74’Mashukov in desperate tackle backlog Dujmovic. There were no injuries and cards. 73’Marat DzahmishevSvezhego hitter he was released. 73’Arsen GoshokovPoslednyuyu replacement uses Krasnozhan. 72’Uglovoy filed guests, Cech was not easy, but he managed to knock the ball away from. 71’Aleksandr MinchenkovEsche one striker appears on the "Loco", probably, one of the attackers draw it back. 71’Dmitry TorbinskiyOt harm’s way alters Torbinskiy Maminov. 70’Bil Rodolfo riding into the far corner past. 69’Sfolili on Sychev, over a dangerous free kick. The last time was after breaking the rules by Dmitri was hammered the ball. 68’Kazbek GeterievVyhodit Geteriev. 68’Kantemir BerhamovKrasnozhan changes Berhamova. 66’Uzhe Dujmovic second goal in the season, but the attackers, "Locomotive" has not yet scored. 64’RodolfoPas counts Rodolfo, takes the free. 64’Tomislav ДуймовичГОООООООООООООООООООООООООООООЛ! For the first time this season, "Lokomotiv" scores first. Rodolfo powerful shot, the ball touched Mashukova, why Dujmovic managed to tweak the heel the ball into the other corner, Khomich this development is clearly not expecting and did not react to the rebound. Goal was very nice, but, of course, Dujmovic lucky that the ball bounced out so well. 64’Pravo a dangerous free kick got the "railroad". 63’Yanbaev pushed his way about the right touchline, hung at the last moment, but Khomich caught the ball, let it go, but managed to grab again before the "round" came to Kocsis. 60’Grubeyshaya Kisenkova mistake, he took the ball chest and let him go away from him, and robbed him Kocsis and all this happened in the area of "Spartacus." Khomich time approached the owners and players hit Kocsis got precisely the goalie. 59’Nakatili ball hit Sharlesa, a Brazilian from the penalty and kissed the ball flew very close to the far corner. The second time a little luck, "Locomotives". 58’Uglovoy, after the ball bounced off the right edge of the penalty to Sharlesa, he struck once, but too high. 58’Marat BikmaevVmesto him came Bikmaev. 58’Artem KontsevoyZamena the guests. The end leaves the field. 55’Duymovich issued a miracle pass on Sychev and Dmitry in fact went one on one, he reached for the ball and stopped it just to the next moment of his legs took the ball came to the rescue Khomich. 53’Legko nalchane repulsed. 52’Shtrafnoy flank guests sang, played well at the output of Cech and sent her to the counter, which hit a defender screwed Kocsis. The corner. 50’Po still a lot of fuss in the attack, "Locomotive", except for the moment Dujmovic in fact nothing has been created from Moscow. 47’S first minutes of the guests rather large forces are pressed to their goal, it will be a difficult time in the minority. 46’Nachalsya the second half. 45 +1′ The first half is over. Not the most cheerful first half, with the removal is unlikely to get a second more interesting, though, who knows, but for now rest. 44’Gogita GoguaGogua deleted! Do not have time to tackle Gogita and flew to his feet Torbinsky when he has parted ways with the ball. And tackle turned aggressive and very rude, deserved red card. As usual there are disputes and all that, but what can you do about it. 42’Teper free kick from the side performed guests, but no better than it turned out in Dujmovic ball over the front left, and then caught Cech. 41’Duymovich performs today most of the standards "Loco", but generally not very good, like this time. 40’Dmitry TorbinskiyA Torbinskiy gets his warning, apparently, for disputes and for being too violent behavior. Knowing Dmitry yellow card in the 40th minute, this is a serious danger that the match to the end, he did not finish. 40’Vladimir KisenkovKisenkov brazenly held Torbinskiy’s jersey. And receives a yellow card. 39’Standart at Cech, lean to the far post, Sennikov first on the ball. In addition, there has been a violation of the rules in the attack. 38’Torbinsky as always hot, Sukhin have to calm him down. 37’Odemvingie dribbling loses the ball in the next attack. 36’Zahlebnulas attack "Spartacus" and the hosts raced to the counter, the ball came to Odevmingie, the forward shot from 20 yards but the ball flew just in Khomich. The goalkeeper tipped the ball a little uncomfortable in front of him, but his happiness to have been the first choice of partners. 34’Leandro struck, very inaccurate. 33’Duymovich shot, the ball went for a corner. With nothing dangerous Korner hosts are not created. 32’Kantemir BerhamovPervoe warning of the season gets Berhamov. A free-will strike the "locomotive". 30’Ochen many marriages in the game from both teams. Just a few accurate passes in a row, and then be sure to loss. 26’Standart performed with the left edge of the "railroad", a very cool and beautiful in a jump at the exit gate guard played guests. 24’Naves into the box from the flank, Odemwingie struck his head, Khomich caught the ball. But just before the whistle Sukhin who foul in the attack. 21’Tomislav DuymovichZa failure of the attack is given a card Dujmovic, 4th in the season, respectively, in the next round with the "Moscow", he will not play. End 20’Teper an effort on goal Cech, the goalkeeper had uneasy, but he managed. 19’Sychev went to the stroke, but before the end of the pass did not work, vygryzli the ball from him. 17’Moskvichi lost the ball in their half, Berhamo
v very dangerous shot and the ball barely flew into the top corner. 16’Uglovoy guests at the gate, all the blows, "Loco" were blocked. 15’Duymovich got the ball close to the penalty area and with his left foot shot into the far corner, the ball went just wide. If hit the target, then Khomich would have been powerless. While Dujmovic today plays a more attacking midfielder than usual. 14’Sychev good shot into the near corner, Khomich pretty confident the ball for a corner. 13’Podacha, the ball bounced to Kocsis, and then by Kocsis, repulsed nalchane. 13’Yanbaev little picturesque fell after contact with Gogua, but Sukhina he believed the penalty area. 11’Oshibsya Khomich at the exit, he was lucky that at the far post and no one was able to close the filing. 10’Za one attack, "Loco" managed to lose 5 times, but the same amount of time to regain it back. Kocsis and Odemwingie burst into the penalty area, but earned only a corner. 8’Nespesha evolving game, little things, but a lot of fight. 6’Berhamov hung from a penalty kick, failed. 4’Rodolfo lying on the lawn. Among other things, he is today the captain. 2’Napominayu that Odemwingie has Russian citizenship, so that the owners have not exceeded the limit. 1’Poehali! 0’Vse is going to start. Your commentator — Dmitry Shahs. 0’Zapasnye "Spartak Nalchik": Loria, Ferreira, Shumejko, Filatov, Bikmaev, hetero Dzahmishev. 0’Zapasnye "Locomotive": Levenets, Dyuritsa, Gatagov, Mujiri, Finino, Ivanov, Minchenkov. 0’Zdravstvuyte, football fans! "Boxing" offers you a translation of the text matches the seventh round Russian Championship, which will play a "locomotive" and "Spartak Nalchik". In fact there are two teams that are in the bottom of the standings. Since both teams started the championship very well. At the railway has already occurred coaching permutation. Earlier this week, was dismissed Rashid Rakhimov. Acting coach was appointed a former player, "Locomotive" — Vladimir Maminov. The hosts will not be able to take part in the match injured Bilyaletdinov and disqualified Kuzmin, but ready to go back to the foundation and Odemwingie Torbinskiy. Kick-off — 17:30!

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