Russia. Premier League. 8 round FK Moskva (Moscow) — FC Lokomotiv (Moscow)

[Cut] 90 +4 Not the most fun game we are watching. But the bill in principle on the game. "Loco" is pretty cool to defend himself in the minority, and played in the attack and what better than to remove Bashi. "Moscow" has lost the lead, though at the moment occupies on the first line of CSKA separates them just one point. "Locomotive" is also not too far from the army club — 6 points. This concludes our broadcast came to an end. With you was Dmitri Shahs. Until next time. 90 +4 Maminov said a good concentration of players. Noted that there was not enough Dujmovic and that Ivanov is still a good idea to replace it. Do not miss while in carrying the "locomotive". 90 +4 Bozovic, in general, was satisfied with the result. 90 +4 Cech took the ball, knocks forward Sharles runs forward, but it breaks Layushkin, who gave the final whistle. All … goalless draw! 90 +4 Danger played against Hlushakou Tarasova, the latest attack will be for the "Moscow." 90 +3′ Large forces went ahead "Moscow" has lost the ball, but Hlushakou ripped off the counterattack of the team, gave an inaccurate pass to Odemwingie. 90 +2′ Odemwingie played the ball and Ivanov, Hlushakou hit the player, "Moscow." 90 +1′ Alexander SheshukovOdemvingie rushing to the counter, plays Sheshukova, he knocks him into subcategories. Penalty and yellow card. 90’Chetyre minutes added Layushkin. 89’Stavpets played a very bad shed ruined his team’s attack. 87’Esche a good time, "Locomotive", after the bounce the ball bounced to Kuzmin, he struck his head slightly and caught the ball Zhevnov. 86’Kontrataka guests Odemwingie again ahead of Joop, from an acute angle struck a long-range, inaccurate. 85’A Rodolfo still back on the field, stood the ligaments in the foot at the defender. 84’Aleksandr MarenichVyhodit striker Marenych. 84’Edgaras ChesnauskisZamena and "Moscow." Chesnauskis left the field. 83’Da apparently a trauma … holds on to the Brazilian knee, replacement is required. 82’Rodolfo twisted my ankle and fell, but the players, "Moscow" continued the attack, Gunmen approached the penalty area and struck. Clearly stated the ball Cech. 81’Ocherednoy corner, first Tarasov struck his head, and then pulled back and hit back immediately foot already, both times the ball hit the players, "Loco." 79’Odemvingie moved to the center and gave the ball to Kocsis, he reached into the box on the back Sheshukova stumbled and fell. There is no penalty. 78’Nizkovato filed Sharles and "citizens" have rushed to the counter, which completed Stavpets terrible blow. 77’Mariush YopYop fouls Odemwingie deserved yellow card. 76’Chesnauskis filed, Stavpets ahead of Kuzmina, but getting to that only the crown, and so could be dangerous. 75’Nichego in a positional attack in "Moscow" did not work, Grigalava decided to strike, it is very inaccurate. 72’Igor StrelkovNa field appears Shooters. 72’Zvonimir VukichPoluchil damage Zvonimir, changes his Bozovic. 70’Uglovoy at the gate "Loco", the guests got out and ran to the counter, but it alone can not do anything Hlushakou failed. 68’Odemvingie beat Joop and hung from the left flank, Kocsis has not time to close again. 67 ‘"Locomotive" is trying to play on the counterattack, and so far so good succeed. 66’Odemvingie into the box and either hit …. whether the sweep. Kocsis in any case did not have time to fix, but if Zhevnov the ball away from you let go was ready to achieve, but Yuri has played well. 64’Kakoy chance! Yanbayev shoots from the right wing, Odemwingie was trying to hit the heel, and if the ball did not touch, it’s likely he would have reached the Glushakova who could shoot the gate with a short distance. 63’Yan DyuritsaUkrepit defense came Dyuritsa. 63’Dmitry SychevNapadayuschego removes Maminov. 60’Stanislav IvanovGrubo played against Chesnauskisa Stanislav, he receives a yellow card. 60’Dyuritsa preparing to enter the game. 59’Pervy standard unsuccessfully played host, and after a corner was very dangerous, Krunicha kick from close range blocked. 58’Marko BashaBrakamonte dangerous shot on goal Cech Basha braided his legs a little earlier than striker broke into the penalty area. Basha shown a second yellow. The second removal of the season from him. 57’Mariush YopVmesto him came Joop. 57’Aleksandr EpuryanuDa, Epureanu could not continue the game. 55’RodolfoSharles mistaken Stavpets rushes forward and Rodolfo fouls on him. Captain "Loco" get "yellow card". 54’Epuryanu holds on to the back of the thigh, struggling to his feet, he goes out of the field, where he will help. 53’Brakamonte rolls back under Kuzmina, rude! Forgives Layushkin Argentine did not give him a second yellow. 52’Opyat Kocsis filed unsuccessful. 51’Sharles won back the ball he put into Sychev, who wittily by Kocsis, Razvan burst into the penalty area and shot into the near, Zhevnov not easily tipped the ball. Perhaps the first scoring chance of the guests. 50’Grigalava hang in the penalty area, but there was no one from the "citizens" was not, Cech calmly took the ball. 48’Edva not brought Bash 1-by-1, Zhevnov just jumped out of the gate. 48’Sharles gave better Rodolfo threw off the far post, but the ball to a player never arrived. 47’Uglovoy gate Zhevnova, Kocsis hands down. Too high handed, and later Krunić fouled by Rodolfo now standard on the far left. 46’Nachinaetsya the second half. I hope he will be more interesting. 45 +3′ The Player "Moscow" Marenich in an interview with NTV said his team plays better and the judge could put a penalty. 45 +3′ It was dangerous, but Sheshukov the ball at the far post is not reached. At the end of this episode Layushkin sends commands at the break. 45 +2′ Denis GlushakovVmesto it announced earlier Hlushakou. 45 +2′ Dmitry TorbinskiyNet, in the first half Maminov decided to make the change. Can not continue the game Torbinskiy. 45 +2′ Marco BashaBasha fouls in the final seconds at half-time near the gate. Yellow card. 45 +1′ Bracamonte shot from the right flank to the far post, there seems to be the first at the ball was Yanbayev, but awkwardly and barely played his Edgaras not robbed. 45’2 minutes added Layushkin. 45’Torbinsky apparently injured, instead will Hlushakou, but probably have a break. 44’Glushakov already preparing to enter the game. 42’Rodolfo assist. At this time Krunić struck from the penalty on goal, over the bar. 40’Opyat Sychev is caught offside. 39’Nadezhno output fists played Zhevnov. 38’Grigalava interrupted cross Sychev, the first corner of the match will give the "locomotive". 35’Ektor BrakamonteZaehal Argentinian rough leg Bache. Bracamonte quietly hoping ushagat by the referee, but Layushkin caught up with him and showed a yellow card. 33’Mnogo marriage on the field. Goal, and the barely threatened. 30’Brakamonte fell in the penalty area, caught the leg of Kuzmin, there Layushkin penalty saw. 28’Odna of the few fast attacks "Loco" ends the whistle, Sychev was caught offside. 26’Pochti team played a half-hour, only 4 violations. 25’Sychev found himself in the penalty area, but his side were Sheshukov and Grigalava and the ball away from the attacker. 24’Metrov with 40 shot Rodolfo passing by. 21’Horoshuyu combination played the "railroad", Sychev was handed the ball in the penalty area, but that the ball fell to his feet and he hit very accurately. 20’Odemvingie gave to the center Ivanov, who did not strike from 20 yards, and rolled the partner, but it did not accurately, the ball is intercepted. 18’Teper clearly played at Korner guests on a corner of the game at 4-0. 17’Esche one dangerous attack at the gate "Loco" Yanbayev sending the ball to a corner. 16’A this one corner was extremely dangerous! Epureanu one left, he hit on the rebound from the lawn, but
Cech has chosen an excellent position and the ball flew straight to it. 15’Sychev shot from a distance on the right, and slightly inaccurate. 12’Vtoroy corner more dangerous not get out first ball Kuzmin hung over the area, and then Kocsis kick knocked him away. 11’Vukich gone from Bashi, but in time to come to the subcategory Rodolfo safety net and knocked the ball to the corner in the subcategory. 9’Sychev from the left flank gave a pass to Kuzmina, who was at center-forward, tried to beat Sheshukova, but did not. 8’Uglovoy gate by Cech easily repulsed "railroad". 5’Poka calmly both teams defend, nothing of interest to each other in the attack were not offered .. while 3’Kochish into the box from the right, but his pass intercepted by strike partner. 2’Obmenyalis teams are not very dangerous attacks in the first minute. 1’Poehali! 0’Vse is going to start. Your commentator — Dmitry Shahs. 0’Na hanging banner stands, where fans congratulate former player, "Moscow", and now the player’s "Loco" — Oleg Kuzmin congratulations on your birthday. 0’Kak and usually very few people in the home game "Moscow." 0’Napominayu that "Locomotive" Dujmovic disqualified for two yellow cards. Also, ask to see at Ivanov and Odemwingie has Russian citizenship, so the limit is not breached. 0’Zapasnye "Locomotive": Levenets, Dyuritsa, Hlushakou, Mujiri, Finino, Fall, Minchenkov. 0’Zapasnye "Moscow": Amel’chenko, Joop, Vasyanovych, Golishev, Rilov, Marenich, Shooters. 0’Privetstvuyu all football fans! "Boxing" offers you a translation of the text matches the eighth round of the championship of Russia on football between the "Moscow" and "locomotive". History meetings of these teams takes countdown to 2001, the year when the "Moscow" is still called "Torpedo-ZIL" and later "Torpedo-Metallurg", and during that time the owners of this game managed to win only 2 wins, and bring the match twice in a draw . Accordingly, the victory was celebrated 12 times, "railroad". Let’s see how the rest of the game at this time. Do not miss our text broadcast at 19:00 Moscow time!

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