Russia. Premier League. 9 round FC Lokomotiv (Moscow) — FC Terek (Grozny)

[Cut] 90 +2′ finish the match. Thank you and see you soon at a football game! 90’Zhan BuliGOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL!!!! Filing Mujiri from the corner of the field, and Bouley sends the ball into his own goal! 89’I it again! Odemwingie again misses the target. 88’A now supermoment from Odemwingie! After hitting the ball rolled just wide of the post. 87’Kochish almost went one on one, but latsnsmen fladok raised. 86’Nika PilievPiliev Gatagova instead. 86’Alan GatagovMolodogo instead of releasing young Maminov. 82’Levani GvazavaGvazava left. 82’Gi Stephen EssameEssame replaced. 82’Radoslav ZabavnikRyabit already on yellow cards in his eyes. Now amusing. 81’Rikoshet nearly helped score Georgieva. Will the corner. 80’Ubezhal Odemwingie on the left, shot, but no one had time to close. 78’David MudzhiriMudzhiri left. 78’Aleksandr MinchenkovMenyaet Maminov Minchenkova. 78’Oleg KuzminKuzmin earned a yellow. Peter 77’Nu close to a hat-trick, very close. After lumbago Sharlesa it was a near thing. 75’Shtrafnoy performed Georgiev, a discount in the goalie, and then take away the defenders. 72’Vot just offsides obtained the guests. Odemwingie again "caught." 70 ‘"Loco" continues to go forward, "Terek" actually surrendered at discretion. None of the guests today, does not work. 67’RodolfoEsche and Rodolfo has participated and will miss the next match. 67’Andrey KobenkoKobenko with Sharlesa squabbled. 67’Fernando da Silva SharlesMore cards from Petty. 66’Denis GlushakovGOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Yanbayev shot, Smirnov hit the goalie, stirring to pick up the ball, and nabeshzhavshy Hlushakou finished the ball into the net. 64’Yan DyuritsaDyuritsa aggressively rushed to defend the goalkeeper. 64’Daniel PankuPanku some reason shoved Cech and earned deletion. 63’Cherez Odemwingie shot himself, but fell under the crossbar. 61’Mog hat-trick Odemwingie, jumped out to a goal, katnul the farthest, but very inaccurate. 59’Minchenkov a bit of getting to a good feed at the center of the penalty area. 56’V whole "Loco" confidence monitors the progress of the meeting. 54’Panku after the transfer Georgieva hit the far — it was a near thing. 51’Piter ОдемвингиеГОООООООООООООООООООЛ! After filing penalty Kocsis head threw the goalie on the line, and Odemwingie against defenders pushed the ball into the net. 49’Aktivno started the second half, "Terek", but the activity is not a synonym for sharpness. 46’Andrey KobenkoKobenko plays. 46’Florentin PetrePetre left. 46’Blagoy GeorgievGeorgiev Prudnikova instead. 46’Aleksandr PrudnikovDve replacement did Grozny. 46’Nachalsya the second half. 45 +1′ Completed the first half. Due to an error Dikanya ahead "Loco." Break. 45’Neskolko bad combination "Loco" has passed, but without the last pass. 43’Minchenkov angled out at the gate, tried prokinut ball past Dikanya but the keeper played well. 41’Snova Odemwingie tries to push Bendza, but this time the body is well put-back. 38’Pervy corner filed "Terek", but the benefits of his guests are not removed. 36’Takoe feeling that physically ill Grozny look — a little movement. 34’Nu’s finally something worthwhile. Gatagov Glushakova brought to space, Dennis gave to the far post, but too much. 32’Poteri, selections, passes across and back — that, in general, all that can distinguish what is happening on the field. 29’Myach exclusively in center field is kept. In fact, any dangerous moment except goals and goal from an offside position we did not have. 26 ‘"Terek" until pale looks almost does not attack, although a bill to go forward. 24’Raz over and over again, "railroad" caught in the offside trap. 22’Piter OdemvingiePosle whistle struck Odemwingie. Scored from an offside position. Card. 20’Kuzmin filed with the left edge, Minchenkov head up the rear, but did not get far corner. 18’Gatagov decided to strike from a penalty corner, but the ball on the leg does not lay down. 15’Panku long-range drop-kick struck, Cech at the second attempt takes the ball. 13’Piter ОдемвингиеГОООООООООООООООЛ! Very long pass from his own half, Bendz unsuccessful plays against Odemwingie, Peter and beats — Dikan misses ridiculous goal, not sprites with a kick straight into it. 12’Sprava in the penalty shoot through Kocsis not had the ball Minchenkov. 10’Daniel PankuNe by the rules Punk fought for the ball and got the card. 7’Vot and the first shot on target hosts, but he did not conceal the danger. 5’Minchenkov rushed to a penetrating pass, but egoBendz pushed off the ball. 3′Minchenkov gave the penalty, has not had anyone to the ball, but it was dangerous. 1’Match started. 0’Dobry day, dear fans! We begin our coverage of the Cherkizovo where the "locomotive" to human losses in the will examine "Terek".

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