Russia. Premier League. Round 1 FC Lokomotiv (Moscow) — Khimki (Khimki)

[Cut] 90 +4 Finish — 1:1. Well, "Locomotives", contrary to expectations, failed to start the championship with a victory … Let’s hope for the first attempt, which is a lump. With you was Anton Tretiak. Until next time! 90 +2′ "Loco" manage the massive and very dangerous attack: hectic finishing moves, the bar, the fall … But the goal is not. 90 +1′ The home team played the standard ugly, which nearly resulted in a counterattack Nizamutdinova. 90’Referi compensated 4 minutes of playing time. 89’U Rodolfo drove up — badly needed rest tired players in the game. 87’Odemvingie earned a free kick on the wing. Torbinskiy attempt to hang in the center of the area over the removal of the defense himchan commonplace. 85 ‘"Locomotive" convulsive attacks, but the guests by petty fouls churning rhythm and voltage at the gate. 82’Tomislav DuymovichHorvat worked out at the yellow card. 79’David MudzhiriMudzhiri rest. 79’Dmitry TorbinskiyRahimov refreshing middle line — in the field appeared Torbinskiy. 77’Sergey PilipchukVyhodit Pilipciuk. 77’Aleksandr AntipenkoPohozhe, injured forward "Khimki". 75’A in London at 2 minutes into the game, "Arsenal" — "Blackburn Rovers’ first goal in the Premier League scoring Andrei Arshavin. 71’Eldar NizamutdinovOtkrytie last season out on the field. 71’Oleg KozhanovV actively played the first half of leather. 68’Esche one explanation for readers. The rule under which foreign player is any player who can not play for Russia in the beginning of this year, was not accepted. It will take effect from the 2010 season. 65’Denis Glushakova still scores of "Loco"! Finally. Hlushakou played in the wall with Odemwingie and savage shot into the corner from the penalty. 63’Berezovsky makes a save after hitting Sychev! Drawn to attention and takes the ball to the corner flying in the corner of the goal. 62 ‘"Khimki" a curse for "Loco." Last year the Moscow team also beat Railwaymen In Cherkizovo. And after the game there was talk that the team has handed Rakhimov match. 60’A in Manchester "Liverpool" crushed "MJ" 4-1. And we’ll look at the "locomotive" — "Khimki" … 58’Berezovsky run the show. Calm, confident, reliable, like a wall. All attempts to "Loco" attack bounce off the keeper without causing him no concern. 54’Poyasnyu readers a moment. On the field, may be 6 foreign players, "Loco" composed of seven such players. Nominally. But Odemwingie has Russian citizenship, so it is not considered a foreign player. 52’Aleksandr AntipenkoZa rough tackle against Glushakova. 51’Unylo the second half began. "Loco" is trying to attack, but the "Khimki" very intelligently defending. 47’Nakanune played doubles the score of their match — 2:2. Vitaly Clerks and Nikita Samohin made the score 2-0 in favor of the "Loco", but the "Khimki" were able to recoup thanks to goals from Michael Anton Timofeev and Mamonova. 46’Nachalsya the second half. 45 +2′ Everything recess. Rashid Rakhimov has something to say to their wards. 43’FininoBrazilsky defender instead. 43’Yan DyuritsaNe was able to continue the match newbie "Loco." 42’Prodolzhayut assist Dyuritsu off the field. It seems that there is something serious. But this is his first official match for "Locomotive". 38 ‘"Locomotive" is easily create chances, but also easy for them to not implement … 34’Fantastika. Once again, the player "Locomotive" misses the target from three yards. Rakhimov furious. Mujiri it was. 33’Duymovich trying to find a partner in the penalty area, but hit a defender and Berezovsky, without the risk, did not take the ball in his hands, and made him strong in the field. 29’I immediately answer "Locomotive", but misses the target Bilyaletdionov a few meters. Feet of Diniyar turns out better than his head. 28’Miodrag YovanovichVot’s a start! When a standard Bilyaletdinov slept Jovanovic and he nailed the ball into the net. 23’RodolfoUdaril elbow braziliets opponent. 21’Golevoy moment, "Khimki". Kozhanov of a suitable position in the penalty area missed the goal! 18’Zapasnye "Locomotive": 1. Levenets, 15. Finino, 44. Kambolov, 7. Torbinskiy, 16. Sharles, 77. Ivanov, 45. Minchenkov. Spare "Khimki" 12. Borodin, 4. Golovatenco, 5. Rothenberg, 17. Gapon, 11. Pilipciuk, 25. Shvetsov, 31. Nizamutdinov. 16’Sychev decided with a 25-meter throw Berezovsky, but did not calculate the level of their skill. 15’Shtrafnoy near the gate. Bill Mujiri, but Berezovsky had seen and calmly took the ball into the bottom corner. 11’Pervy kick of the match finally happened. First Bilyaletdinov struck from the penalty and then Sychev has dealt a blow of Berezovsky‘s holdings, but hit a defender. The corner. 8’Rashid Rakhimov said that his team in the offseason completely changed the pattern of the game. While quietly. Without the gate playing team. 4’Nachalo very slow and boring. Does not correspond to the solemnity with which opens the season at the stadium "Locomotive". With anthem and all that. 1’Match started! 0 ‘[cut] The last meeting between geographical neighbors turned tainted with scandal. Retell the October gossip that accompanied an unexpected victory outsider, no desire. But in any case, a red-green torsida entitled to expect from their favorite old greshkov redemption. And not just for this particular defeat — for the last two seasons. Two years outside of Europe for a club with such a strong infrastructure and an enviable selection of personnel — PE without any exaggeration. It’s time to mend. All the more so that the composition of the team over the winter rooted skilled performers such as Dujmovic, Dyuritsa, Kuzmin, Ivanov. At the same time, "Loco" is traditionally handed out on rent a crowd of regulars shop spare, and this should have a positive impact on the atmosphere in the team. In Khimki is not the first time you create a new team. A completely new. Now, under the supervision of the recent past presidential advisor "Zenith" Constantine Sarsanii. Thanks to the extensive connections of the former manager near Moscow club managed to get half a dozen new players, most of them got himchanam free.

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