Russia. Premier League. Round 3 FC Lokomotiv (Moscow) — FC Krylia Sovetov (Samara)

[Cut] 90 +3′ Well, just the final whistle sounded at the stadium "Locomotive" in Moscow, "railroad" won a strong-willed victory, they should be congratulated, but the leaders after 2 rounds left, "Zenit" and " Terek. " Broadcast you had Alexander campaigner, stay on the net! 90 +2′ Fall is in the penalty box, but the defense did not replay. 90’Eskobar from the right wing gave the penalty, the output plays Cech. 89’Kulik executed free-kick, but missed the target. 88’Marko BashaSerbskomu defender card! And here and there was a hassle, almost wall to wall. 86’Tomislav DuymovichGOOOOOOLLLLLL!! Cancel Torbinskiy supply and Dujmovic neck funneling the ball into the net! 85’Baye Jib FallSenegalskaya hope Rakhimov out on the field. 85’Dmitry SychevPoslednyuyu replacement finally saved the Rakhimov. 83’Ivan TaranovSlutsky intention to strengthen the midfield. 83’Anton BoberProdolzhaetsya parade replacements. 83’Podacha to Koller, who pushes a defender and scored a head in the fall, but Doroshenko captures the foul. 81’Eskobar RodrigesOsvezhaet game Slutsky. 81’Evgeny SavinPokidaet field forward, "Wings." 81’Torbinsky leads out to the gate, "Wings," Odemwingie but he misses everything. 80’Posle Corner wins top Basha, but his shot hits the gate, and in the powerful body Koller. 79’Blistatelnaya transfer Dujmovic from the depths, Sychev goes one on one, but not overdoing Lobos. 78’Kolichestvo moments decreased, probably due to the fact that the "wings" were to act more cautiously. 76’Perepas staged a "Wings" at the penalty and others could get the shock position Kulik, Savin greedy and hit the defender. 75’Glushakov the left shoots on goal Lobos — above the alignment. 73’Cheh almost started a fire in your area! Barely had time to make a ball. 72’A here and guests awake, Ivanov Savin threw the ball, and he gasped through itself — Cech saved. 70’Oleg IvanovIvanov Ajinjal take a stand in the center of the field. 70’Ruslan AdzhindzhalPervaya replacement in the Samara "Wings of the Soviets." 70’Davnenko "Wings" is not strained broke, the advantage of a large "Loco." 68’Kalachev walked along the blade removal, roughly he carried Torbinskiy. 67’Kalachev Finta scattered two defenders and immediately struck — Cech in order. 65’U "Loco" more active than others kneaded Fall. 64’Stychka Torbinskiy with Leiltona, Dmitry barely restrained himself. 63’Bilyaletdinov spins the ball from the free kick to the far post — smears. 62’Nesoglasovanno are defenders of Samara team, and they barely gave Odemwingie out one by one with the Lobos. 60’Ocherednaya supply Kalacheva, its time to stop, and Koller at this time no one took care of. 58’Timofey KalachevAvtoru goal card in a very grave violation against Odemwingie. 57’Savin takes the ball around another penalty, but in the confrontation with the defender falls — all clean. 55’Oleg KuzminGOOOOOLLLLLL!! Quite unexpectedly, compare the expense of the owners. Dali break Kuzmin and his shot slipped into the far corner Lobos. 52’Torbinsky directs the ball under the crossbar, but drags Lobos. 50’Massirovannaya attack "Loco", a canopy for shelter, Odemwingie not reach and falls — no penalty! 49’Dmitry TorbinskiyTolko called out, Koller shot down. 48’Kulik with his beloved left from 28 yards struck free kick, pulled Cech. 46’Dmitry TorbinskiyMotorny midfielder Russian team appears on the lawn, "Locomotive". 46’David MudzhiriGruzinskogo midfielder sent to the bench. 46’Yan DyuritsaPopravivshiysya Dyuritsa out on the field. Brazilian 46’RodolfoPokidaet field. 46’Svistok Doroshenko, meeting in Cherkizovo continues. 45 +1′ Odemwingie moved from the wing into the center and beat that is forces into the stands. Yeah, this whole current "Loco" … Let’s hope that after the break, we see a real fight. In the meantime, take a break! 45 ‘"Wings" continue to rock the flank Yanbaeva, the defender of the Russian team is struggling to cope. 44’Podacha Leiltona from the penalty has not turned out successful, Cech in the fight for the ball competition, nobody was. 43’Mudzhiri shot from the standard, but do not hit the far post. 42’Aleksandr BelozerovBelozerov body pushed Odemwingie, and for this card. Doroshenko surprising. 41’Leilton started another translation, but this time it was not accurate calculation. 39’Chudo-time in "Wings" has a few meters Koller, the ball rolled into the goal, but the line makes Kuzmin. A Savin moment was not enough to correct the ball into the goal. 37’Chut active again began to operate hosts, where do they go?! However, the experience of the "Loco" a lot, and the third time in a row has to recoup in the first half. 35’Glushakov defense cuts "Wings" is a fine transfer, but Sychev only touches the ball, nothing more. 34’Bilyaletdinov waylaid oversight opponent filed, but the Lobos played superbly. 33’Igra yet does not lose punch, still fast acting team. 31’Odemvingie again in a good position opens, manages to strike, but brilliant Belozyorov time to substitute the leg — the corner. 30’Podacha toward Savina, did not give him a break accentuated. 28’Timofey KalachevGOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL!! Open up the score after the guests standard! Transfer Leiltona from the corner of the field to the near post, Kalachov ostanavliaet the ball and hit the near corner — not Cech saved! 27’Opasno! Koller breast knocks a ball hit by Savin, shoots forward, "Wings" — slightly past. 26’Sychev again acts podygryshe and Odemwingie is grazed in the attack. But there is still a feeling that the "Wings" playing with fire. Once already failed. 24’Chudo rescues "Loco"! Three times could break free of the Samara club players, but always hesitated. A Kulik hit a defender. 23’Proval defense, "Wings", runs one-on-one Odemwingie but mediocre rolls the ball right at Lobos. 22 ‘"wings" were pressing, the standard for the standard! After cross Leiltona hit his head Belozyorov — the ball flew over the crossbar. 21’Fantastichesky moment Savina, all done for him Kalachev, but Cech has played a tremendous save, however the ball. 20’Savin went towards the right flank, he was overtaken by Dujmovic and knocked the "round" on the corner. 18’Na Koller throw into the penalty followed, Basha, though, and not too technically broke the pass. 17’Pas on Odemwingie, based on its high-speed data — offside, hurried Nigerian. 15’Peredacha Koller at Savina, Eugene bursts into the penalty area, but his time to separate from the ball. 14’Shishkin obezmyachil opponent, but it has turned a corner in the gate room. Followed by a presentation, Basha struck, but off to the side. A toy today is a very, fast! 13’Doroshenko fixes the violation Adzhindazhala, but the "Loco" nothing is squeezed out of it. 11’Vnov dangerous in the box, "Loco", but the referee fixes the violation by the Czech. 10’Kross Kalacheva, Rodolfo well ahead of his goalkeeper — the corner. 8’Koller won the upper hand, and the attack began, "Wings", however, with a regular supply of hapless defencists "Loco" managed. 6’Ostreyshaya feed Beaver, but Cech somehow fists hit the ball. The hosts responded with a counterattack, she was interrupted by Belozyorov. 6’Naves the penalty "Loco", Cech easily takes the ball and starts a new attack hosts. 4’Perehvat Sychev, transfer to Odemwingie, but ahead of Nigerian Belozyorov, and what follows is a violation of the rules. 3 ‘"Loco" with the strong support of fans rushed forward, but you know, the "wings" are not the ones to take their bare hands. 1’Startovala meeting in Cherkizovo! 0’Nemnogo statistics. In the last two seasons, the team has consistently traded home wins, and with a difference of at least two goals. A total balance of match
es, "Loco" and "wings" in the highest Russian division is as follows: 18 = 5-9, balls: 44-28. 0’V while the "locomotive" of the season is not yet won, "Wings" opened two victories in a row championship-2009. Samartsy week and a half before the match in Cherkizovo drove to the capital, took a fancy for one of the spare fields "Luzhniki", and for sure on Sunday will make every effort to return home empty-handed. But who said that just because the owners let them go in peace? After two "ad hoc" command draws Rashid Rakhimov’s very evil and try to vent their anger at one of the leaders of the season. In any case, will not be bored. "Boxing" will hold the text online broadcast from the event — do not miss it!

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