Russia’s application for the iPad has become a big hit among military and government officials in the U.S.

iOS-app GoodReader, created by Russian programmer amateur Yuri Selyukova are in high demand by the U.S. military and government officials. The requirement to support the work with him at procured iPad even appeared in the tender documents the U.S. Air Force.

USAF decided to purchase 2,861 iPad for the entire flight crew Special Operations Command. In the notification of the purchase of special requirements for tablets Specified, that they must support the application GoodReader.

It is intended for viewing documents in various formats on devices with an iOS. Having bought the iPad and the addition of a "reading room", the command expects to eliminate the use of paper nautical charts and technical manuals, replacing them with electronic versions. The documentation department of the Air Force said that GoodReader meet the safety requirements.

The application is sold through App Store. C it means you can view documents in PDF, TXT,. Doc,. Ppt.,. Xls, allocate them to text and insert various objects, as well as play audio and video files. In GoodReader can even synchronize with various web services, such as e-mail, Google Docs, Dropbox, FTP-servers.

Developed GoodReader Muscovite Yuri Selyukov. As he told CNews, Apple provides anonymous reports on sales applications through its online store, but an email address Ticket GoodReader come from a variety of government agencies, primarily the U.S..

"There has been correspondence with the mayors and municipalities of the United States, written by judges, lawyers and prosecutors. All they somehow use the program. Also a lot of reviews of colleges and universities, "- says Selyukov. According to him, the treatment also comes from some European countries and Australia, albeit in smaller numbers.

In May 2011, the transfer of its pilots on the boards with GoodReader reported American Airlines Alaska Airlines. She herself called itself the first major local carrier, which started using the iPad instead of paper documentation. In August of the same year, iPad with GoodReader also tested the local Delta Airlines and talked about plans to equip tablets with the software its flight crews.

On the Russian people have less than 1% of sales GoodReader. For some reason the program is not popular among them, Selyukov says, noting that it is not in the absence of the Russian version. "Initially, the application has been translated into Russian, was even released a special version — GoodReaderRUS, but have no effect on the sale of this has had," — he said.

In the sale of GoodReader for iPhone went in early 2009 at a price of $ 0.99. With the release of the iPad in April 2010 came the tablet version of the app for the same price. According to, by May 2010 the number of downloads of this version in the United States came close to 100 thousand in 2010, an application was the second most popular paid app for iPad in the App Store. Subsequently, the price of GoodReader has been raised to $ 2.99, and then — to $ 4.99.

How many times have downloaded the app to date, Selyukov not disclose. Sales ratio for the tablet version of the iPhone, according to him, is 2:1.

According Selyukova, work on a project he was doing one. Besides, special programming, according to him, he never trained professionally and have never done it. All the skills obtained from the culture of computers, says the author of GoodReader.

Prior to this project Selyukov engaged in various businesses, from auto trading to a concert administrator, he said. Last year it was the business of manufacturing CDs. Try to write a program for the iPhone Selyukov decided when in 2008 was presented with the first such smartphone. In addition to "reading", he also developed a calculator application for the iPhone and iPod, which is also available in the App Store.

"When GoodReader has turned into a successful commercial project, I got rid of the business of producing CD, which is already almost been unprofitable at the time. And now I’m just programming "- says Selyukov.


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