Russia’s Beetle in the Indian skies


On the eve of the Moscow Air Show (MAKS-2011) reports "NVO" met with General Director of JSC "Corporation" Fazotron-NIIR "Valeryevich Vyacheslav Tishchenko. He spoke about the work in the field of high technology innovation and development of new design.

— Vyacheslav V., recently the leadership of the state embarked on the development of high-tech industries as the main direction of economic development of Russia. How does this affect the position of the corporation "Fazotron-NIIR"?

— The implementation of economic policy, the essence of which is to change the raw material orientation of the country for high-tech, determines the transition to the priority development of the machine-building industries. This is a practical update of this sector of the economy, as instrument. Actually it is the new industrialization of Russia. This policy implies the stabilization of the financial situation of economic operators belonging to the category of high-tech, providing them with government contracts while maintaining previously achieved level of supply of products to foreign markets, as well as the modernization and technical re-equipment of production enterprises, research institutes and design bureaus.

ortfel orders Corporation "Fazotron-NIIR" — more than $ 500 million
In 2008-2010, the state has implemented a number of significant measures to support manufacturers of aircraft and helicopters, as well as instrument-making industry in Russia. Have been unlocked substantial subsidies, loans to financial recovery aircraft manufacturers and their second-tier suppliers, which include our corporation. Simultaneously, large orders were issued for the purchase of fighter jets and helicopters for the Air Force and the Navy Russia. In accordance with the new state armament program for 2011-2020, in the next decade will be purchased up to 400 frontline aircraft and up to 1,000 combat, military transport and assault helicopters. These include the MiG-35, MiG-29 SMT fighters and sea-based MiG-29K/KUB which will be equipped with airborne radar development and production of our corporation.

— The economic crisis has affected everyone. As "Fazotron" overcomes this difficult period? How is the portfolio company?

— On the whole, despite some financial problems, the company has continued to fulfill its obligations under export contracts, the state defense order, to develop new advanced radar, developed the helicopter division, as well as to manage upgrades, warranty and post-warranty maintenance of previously established products.

In order to overcome the effects of the global financial crisis in 2009, which has not spared our enterprise management corporation has developed a program of its financial recovery. Its main elements are the inclusion of "Phazotron" in the control loop of the State Corporation "Russian Technologies" by JSC "Concern" Aircraft Engineering ", the restructuring of its debt, receipt of state support in form of subsidies and improving financial conditions of the contract. Currently, the company has formed a stable order book worth about $ 500 million, and good prospects for further growth.

— Technology development is taking place rapidly. How does this reflect on the creation of airborne radar? What is in this light that offers the country and the world corporation "Fazotron-NIIR"?

— I consider it necessary to emphasize that in the difficult conditions of the corporation continued to flourish and reach new frontiers in science and innovation in the field of high technologies. The outstanding success of designers’ Phazotron "- the creation of modern airborne radar" Zhuk-AE "with the active electronically scanned array (AESA). On the criterion of efficiency / cost it has no equal in Russia and in the world. Scientists and engineers "Phazotron" ahead of Russian and many foreign instrument makers, creating the first national radar AFAR. Its full compliance with your tactical requirements were confirmed in tests of the MiG-35, including the successful firing missiles "air-to-air." Of course, successful tests with AESA radars have become a new important milestone not only for "Phazotron", but for the entire Russian electronic industry.

In accordance with the decision of the tender committee of the Ministry of Education and Science Corporation in 2010 received the right to sell jointly with the Moscow Aviation Institute integrated project "Development of high-tech manufacturing multi-board radar systems" with funding in 2010-2012 from the federal budget. This trend will further strengthen the corporation by the development of modern innovative technologies, preserve scientific school "Phazotron" and bring to the company of qualified young professionals.

— What are the prospects for foreign trade? Who is the priority foreign partner?

— Along with the growth of domestic order and continuing large-scale work for the benefit of foreign customers. In the field of foreign trade priority partner of the Corporation "Fazotron-NIIR" have always been the Indian Air Force. The company has made a significant contribution to the modernization of the Indian Air Force fighter aircraft, which would, for example, aircraft such as the MiG-21 BIS UPG acquired new combat abilities that set them on the level of aircraft generation 4. Currently executed a contract for the manufacture and supply the Indian Air Force airborne radar "Zhuk-M2E" to be installed on the MiG-29 as part of a contract worth more than $ 900 million to upgrade 63 Indian MiG-29B standard MiG-29UPG, that will extend the service life of 20 years. These works are of great importance to maintain the number of members of the Indian Air Force and the achievement of the stated goal of reaching the level of 32 combat-ready squadrons. Continuing supply of radars for deck MiG-29K/KUB entering the Indian Navy. As you know, in the course of the first contract for 16 such machines have been decided and placed an order for the supply of an additional 29 units of ship-borne fighters.

— "Fazotron" is a recognized leader in radar systems for fighter aircraft. Do you plan to apply the methods developed in the enterprise technology innovation for other types of weapons and military equipment? What are the role and the place of "Phazotron" in the field of innovative technologies?

— Implemented "Phazotron" a qualitative leap in the development and creation of AESA technology provides a good foundation for further extensive use of the basic features of unified AESA radar on different types of surface warships and submarines, as well as in systems and air defense, civil aviation and aviation special purpose.

Our core competencies and competitive advantages: a high concentration of design and technological resources, a unique school of radarostroeniya with a wide range of innovative breakthrough technologies. Competitiveness of the company’s technological level and efficiency of technology solutions, high export and domestic potential.

The main outcome of all activities undertaken recently is to keep the potential for further development of JSC "Corporation" Fazotron-NIIP. " It’s safe to say that the corporation is now firmly on its feet is not going to change their specialization and confident about the future. We saved and increase the potential of generating innovative solutions. We intend to c
ontinue building a modern wide-profile business structure, specializing in the creation of high-tech products, structures capable of expanded reproduction and the conquest of new markets.

The base-building corporation — a high qualification, knowledge, experience, and creative traditions of the labor collective. This is a high responsibility to the state and society, the understanding of the role and place of the corporation in the strengthening of the defense, technological and economic potential of Russia.

We expect to bring "Fazotron-NIIR" to a higher level of development, to preserve and strengthen sectoral leadership and cooperation with business partners in order to reach a new and promising position in the domestic and global markets. Our work provides a solid platform for the successful participation of the corporation "Fazotron-NIIR" in efforts to modernize the country’s economy and the transition to innovative development.


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