Russia’s budget surplus in January-April amounted to 636.45 billion rubles

The consolidated budget of Russia in January-April 2012, a surplus of 636.45 billion rubles, according to the Federal Treasury.

Budget revenues for the period amounted to 7.115 trillion rubles, expenses — 6.478 trillion rubles.

Russia’s federal budget deficit for the first four months amounted to 51.364 billion rubles, the consolidated budget surplus Russian subjects — 286.08 billion rubles.

Federal budget revenues in January-April were equal to 4 trillion 58 billion rubles, the subjects of Russia — 2 trillion 434.3 billion rubles. Expenditures of the federal budget over the period executed in the amount of $ 4 trillion 110 billion rubles, the consolidated budget — $ 2 trillion 148.2 billion rubles

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