Russia’s Depot went to Iran


October 25. Russia within the framework of military-technical cooperation supplied Iran with electronic warfare such as "Depot" and is in talks to supply the next batch of this complex, the deputy director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation Konstantin Biryulin.

"We are constantly negotiating with Iran on the purchase of military equipment of this country that does not fall under UN sanctions. This defensive system, in particular in this case we are talking about means of electronic warfare … We are not talking about airplanes, submarines or even S-300 systems. It is about ensuring the safety of the Iranian state, "- said Biryulin.

Electronic intelligence station 1L222 "depot" is used in a mobile system for jamming and is designed for exploration:

pulse airborne side-looking radar (BO)
Control radar gun (SV) class "air — earth"
Radars provide low-level flights (OPMV).

The following information is passed to the command post company commander automated control ACCP:

angular coordinates (azimuth, elevation);
class radar (UO, BO, OPMV);
number of private range according lettering jammers SPN-2, SPN-4.

The complex IRTR include:

Machine hardware on the chassis Ural-43203,
Power on the chassis of KAMAZ-4310.

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