Russia’s first center opened in GIMS Akhtubinsk

Center of the State Inspectorate for Small Vessels Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, equipped with the latest technology, opened on Friday in Akhtubinsk.

This is the first target complex of buildings inspector area GIMS Russian Emergencies Ministry today. At the moment of this unique building in Russia. The total building area is 1500 square meters, building area — 754 sq.m. Created favorable conditions of service and fulfillment of the tasks that solve inspector GIMS.

On the basis of available: classrooms, a meeting room, a workshop for maintenance, recreation room, dining room and even a sauna. Soon will have its own dock. Innovation in the project — two treatment plants deep biological treatment of domestic waste waters ecological communities, attached and free-floating autotrophic microorganisms, which allows discharge of water into the river without harming the environment.

Akhtubinsky area for the construction of the Centre was chosen as the following year the area starts to capital restoration river Akhtuba. This is a huge project that is within the biological recovery of the Volga. Akhtuba will dig, clear and deepen.

The new building complex of the State Inspectorate for Small Vessels Emergency of Russia Astrakhan Astrakhan is designed to improve the work of the rescuers.

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