Russia’s first certified Electrobus NEFAZ

In late August, has been certified in the first Russian electric bus (Electrobus) NEFAZ-52992. Stand-alone electrical stroke of the new machine is designed for more than 200 kilometers. 

Electrobus designed and developed by experts of Institute of combined power plants together with "NEFAZ" commissioned by LLC "Liotech" for the needs of Rosatom.
On the roof, the cabin and the rear overhang elektrobusa NEFAZ-52992 is available lithium-iron-phosphate battery power consumption 313.6 kWh Electrobus equipped with a charger capacity of 48 kW, and the process of a full charge takes eight hours. In order to implement the possibility of fast charging (20-30 minutes) from a network of up to 500 kW at Electrobus have special connectors. 
Electrobus NEFAZ-52992 is equipped with a telemetry system, which by the GLONASS or GSM-channels transmit information to a remote service offering control of the condition of the battery and the main units. 
The design, components and build quality elektrobusa meet all the requirements that are currently imposed on the means of carriage of passengers on public transport, the press-service of JSC "NEFAZ."

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