Russia’s first hybrid E-mobile showed the public

Today, December 13, Moscow hosted the presentation of "the iron" of the three prototypes absolutely private domestic hybrid cars to them. oligarch Prokhorov — cross-coupe, mikrovena and van. Start their mass production is scheduled for July 2012.

The idea of creating a cheap city car appeared at the Belarusian-Russian holding "Yarovit Motors." At the beginning of the year was presented the concept, and then to support the project announced billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov and led them to "ONEXIM Group". The official start of an ambitious initiative was given on April 12, and six months later the Belarusian designer Vladimir Tsesler proposed three body variants in two-tone coloring. He also became the winner in the competition titles and developer of E-logo.
The car, elegantly and tastefully dubbed "E-mobile" is positioned as a "new word" (or, judging by the name, "the new letter") to the domestic industry. What should be the first to contribute to our car industry attempted to use a hybrid engine.

Driven by a Russian miracle of engineering will be using the power plant, consisting of a rotary vane engine output of 100 kW and generator with energy storage system. Installation comparable conventional internal combustion engine 150 hp. s.

The advantages of a hybrid-engine E are higher efficiency and longer life twice. Its simple design provides a light weight car, and used as the primary fuel liquefied natural gas meets the latest environmental standards Euro 5. Fuel consumption is 3.5-4 liters per 100 km, and the range with full fuel tanks of the two available reaches 1,100 km.

Up to 100 km / h four-wheel drive "E-mobile" can be dispersed for 8-15 seconds (depending on the model), but the maximum speed — please! — Limited to 130 km / h Lovers polihachit this car will not work.

The machine design is a collection of 400 of interchangeable modules that simplifies the maintenance, repair and modernization. The frame is manufactured from aluminum and mounted body panels — made of basalt fibers. Vehicle weight — 700 kg (for a van — 750 kg).

Cross-Coupe (sporty coupe with extended like a crossover clearance) is designed for four people, mikroven (in fact, a kind of a hatchback) — for five, and van — for two. Load capacity is 500 kg last.

All models are equipped with air bags. Of electronic "stuffing" has climate control, cruise control, navigation system based on GLONASS and GPS, as the ability to work with multimedia and Internet access. All the functions are carried out with an integrated touch screen on the dashboard. Interestingly, the open and start a car, you can use a mobile phone (which, by the way, at today’s presentation of machines and it has been demonstrated).

Manufactoring items will be sold in mini-mills in Russia and abroad. A build is already done at dealerships. If you believe the statement of Mr. Prokhorov, markets can also occur outside of our country.

In the next year and a half to be built the first plant with capacity of 10 thousand "E-Mobile" in the year. Take full advantage of the "people", this development is unlikely to be — after all price 300-450 thousand rubles a few bites. On the other hand, the project aims at a thriving youth, which may, will also appreciate the innovations mentioned. On the third hand, the machine well, does not promise to resemble the "classic" product of one of the Volga plant that is beautiful in itself

Prepared according to the official blog of the project "E-mobile".

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