Russia’s first neutron generator for cancer treatment launched in Obninsk

The ceremony of the physical start of the first Russian pilot compact neutron generator for neutron and neutron capture therapy of malignant tumors was held Thursday at the Medical Radiological Research Center of RAMS, Obninsk, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

At present, the world’s neutron therapy of cancer is carried out using a large-scale neutron generators, requiring the construction of a separate building. In contrast, the compact neutron generator has a much smaller size (not more than one square meter), allowing you to use it in any radiation-protected space of the medical center.

In the near future on biological objects will be investigated parameters of neutron radiation and the effectiveness of tumor lesions. The next phase of the project will take place a year later, when on the basis of the modified in the course of biomedical testing of compact neutron generator will start the construction of the medical units for neutron therapy, as well as preparation for the production of a prototype of a therapeutic setting, which will be the prototype of the serial.

Creating a prototype is planned towards the end of 2011, and the holding of technical and pre-clinical trials in MRRC RAMS — in 2012, specified RIA Novosti press-service of "Atommed."

Engineering of the project was carried out "Center Atommed", the development and creation of the generator were VNIIA them. NL Spirits. All experimental studies were carried out on the basis of the Medical Radiological Research Center. The project is financed state corporation Rosatom. Approximate cost of the generator is 10-15 million rubles, depending on the configuration and management system.

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