Russia’s first production of implants nanoceramics started in the SEZ Tomsk


The German company «MOJE Keramik-Implantate GmbH & Ko.KG» announced today the start of production in Russia implants of zircon-oxide nanoceramics.


For this Special economic zone "Tomsk" was a joint Russian-German venture Ltd. "Moye Ceramic-implant", design capacity will reach 8,000 implants per year (the third year of the project). Already in 2012, will be released in 1000 joint implants.

This is the first in Russia, and the second in the world production of implants of small joints (joints of the hand, foot, wrist) of material that provides maximum comfort for the patient, which professionals call "material of the future" and that the results of numerous clinical studies have confirmed its technological superiority over the metal.

Production ceramic implants would eliminate the dependence on imports in a designated section of medicine, will increase the level of technological equipment, which will reduce the costs of production and increase the availability of this type of medical care for the population of the country.

Production, bringing together the best of German technology of implants and Russian technology bioinzhiniringovyh coatings, is already preparing for the European certification. The company focuses on the 20% of the Russian market, and 80% for export. Exit to global markets through joint venture arrangements in the most important regions (India, USA, China, Brazil, Japan). This model allows us to adapt the design of the implants to the characteristics of the market in different regions and effectively promote the agricultural products on the world market.

In 2012, plans to open branches in India and China, the countries with the massive demand for these products, with the holding of a series of training workshops for doctors from these countries. Held in December 2011 in Delhi of this event showed great interest to Indian Orthopaedic produced in Tomsk ceramic prosthesis. Production of tools for installing stents also organized in Delhi and passes evrosertifikatsiyu. Training events were held in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Irkutsk, Cheboksary, Khanty-Mansiysk, Kiev.

According to the General Director of JSC "SEZ" Oleg Kostin, problem of special economic zones — to attract investment and advanced technologies, the increase in the share of Russia in the international markets of high-tech products.

"Moye Ceramic Implants" sells in the SEZ "Tomsk" a unique project — the first in the country and one of the few companies in the world to develop and manufacture nanoceramic implants. This is one of the promising areas of biotechnology and new materials, which is of great social importance. Launch of the production — is another success story, illustrating the effectiveness of the SEZ as a platform for innovative projects ", — said Costin.

As the head of the SEZ "Tomsk" Alexei Baryshev, Today we launched the second in the last three months of the project with the participation of Russian and foreign capital, implemented on the basis of the engineering center of the special economic zone. Ready infrastructure along with the complex tax and customs privileges creates favorable conditions for the realization of innovative projects.

"In addition, the new company, deciding to enter the SEZ, oriented not only on the characteristics of the region and state benefits, but also on the success of residents working there and the possibility of cooperation within the area that is becoming an important factor when deciding on the implementation of their projects in the Tomsk region ", — stressed Baryshev.

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