Russia’s first smartphone

Sergey Zorin, chairman of the board of directors "VZRT-Arsenal"(Contract manufacturing group, which includes Vyaznikovsky radioedektronnoy plant equipmentand Alexander Factory "Arsenal ",
published in his Blogphotograph of the prototype smartphone that, in his words, mostly developed in Russia, more than that, it is planned to manufacture in our country.

Characteristics and the customer is not disclosed, but from the comments of Sergei implies that the device will run on Android-4, have the battery in the "5.7 Ah" kvalkomovskim processor "simple" APQ8064, to "climb in the price," the price would be "no more expensive than" device will play "in their niche" "INDUSTRIAL", there is a "tricky module" from which the device is turned over dovolno still thick, there otg, GLONASS, decent antenna and charging for yusb. In addition, the customer had a pretty specific requirements, for example, he gave up the second SIM cards and insisted on the location of the memory card and sim card under the battery.


By the way, among the comments refernesnom post on LJ and found a pretty interesting exampleThis one.

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