Russia’s first two research company went to the service

The first scientific companies have already been selected students of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow Aviation Institute, MIPT and other technical universities and sent to the place of service, said Tuesday at a press conference, the first rector of the university Boris Padalkin. 

"To date guys for service in selected scientific battalions. They have already been sent to the place of service," — he said.
Padalkin explained that now deployed two research companies — one in Voronezh, the other in the Moscow region.

Now we are talking about a few dozen people, the need for such specialists is large, so the number of mouth will grow, said provost. At the weekend the boys will be able to go home, said Padalkin. However, he explained that in the companies operate not only the students of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, but also representatives of MIPT, MAI, and other universities.

The idea of creating a military science mouth was expressed at a meeting with Russian Defense Minister university rectors, held in Bauman in March 2013. Offer university community, favorably perceived by Russian defense ministry involves engaging students to carry out scientific work commissioned by the defense ministry, which will count students as passing the compulsory military service.

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