Russia’s first voyage around the globe by helicopters launched

in Moscow

August 2,AEX.RURussia‘s first voyage around the globe at the Robinson-66 helicopter was launched today with a suburban site in Ispra. It involved two crews with two pilots on board each vehicle, according toITAR-TASS. 

"We want to make the first Russian round-the-world helicopter flight — said before the flight the pilot Michael Farooq. — Our route will take place in the direction of Western Europe. We noted in the most northern, the most western and the southern-most point of the Old World. Having reached Scotland, head to the side Greenland. then hop across the ocean and land in the north-eastern part of Canada. then we are waiting for Alaska, the Pacific Ocean and the native Kamchatka ".

The final part of the journey, according to the pilot, will be held across Russia and will end in the same place where it began — in the suburbs.

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