Russia’s gold reserves rose in March by 1.8%

The volume of stocks in international reserves totaled 28.8 million ounces

Russia increased its reserves of monetary gold in international reserves in March compared to February by 1.8% to 28.8 million troy ounces, according to the Bank of Russia.

As of April 1, stocks of gold in reserves were approximately 895.68 tonnes against 880.13 tonnes as of March 1 (troy ounce — is about 31.1 grams).

In March, the price of gold fell from 50.168 billion to $ 47.827 billion dollars on a monthly basis. The proportion of gold in reserves over the last month decreased from 9.7% to 9.3%.
Gold reserves in international reserves in 2011 amounted to 28.4 million ounces versus 25.4 million ounces a year earlier. The value of gold has increased from 35.788 billion to $ 44.697 billion dollars. The share of gold in the international reserves grew from 7.5% to 9%.

International Reserves as at April 13 totaled 518.8 billion dollars — to $ 2.1 billion higher than the previous week ending April 6 (516.7 billion dollars).

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