Russia’s Golden Eagle — a real competitor of the American Robinsona


In Russia, a new two-seat helicopter "Berkut-VL" coaxial, which is the first industrial design patented for mass production. The first official premiere of the helicopter will be at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2011 (August 16-21, Zhukovsky, Moscow region).. Rotary-wing aircraft with a capacity of 147 LS, developed by private investors in a specially constructed for this project eponymous design office of LLC "Golden Eagle" and is an example of a successful start-up.

According to experts, at the expense of pricing domestic development has the potential to become a leader in its market segment. "Berkut" can be a very attractive not only to private owners, but also to use it where it was previously impossible because of the large financial costs. At present, Russian helicopter market is filled with models of this class of foreign origin, mostly — the American company «Robinson» R-22 and R-44.


According to Director of Business Development Dmitry Rumyantsev: "These helicopters there is no competition in Russia. Twin helicopter market is developing rapidly. Since the quality characteristics of our products are comparable to competitors, to achieve the leading position we can, first of all, due to pricing. "Berkut" in 1.7-2.5 times less than that of foreign companies. "

The approximate selling price of the helicopter "Berkut VL-M" for commercial use with the engine Lycoming O-320 is 130,000 dollars, and in quantities of 10 units of machines, this figure could be reduced to U.S. $ 105,000. The cost of the helicopter EMU "Berkut VL" with the engine «ConverVAZ» could be around U.S. $ 70,000. "The final price we plan to be in December 2012, after conducting flight tests and portfolio acquisition", — said Dmitry Rumyantsev


Flight testing will take place just two modifications helicopter — "Berkut VL" in-line engine ConverVAZ and "Berkut VL-M" with opozitnym engine company Lycoming, with 150 hp … The latest model will be equipped with two luggage compartments for hand luggage, instead of which if necessary, may establish additional fuel tanks or other target load.

"The use of coaxial-rotor, instead of widespread classical, — the chief designer Valentin Malkin — significantly improves the usability of piloting and simplifies the initial training of pilots. In the absence of a tail rotor helicopter is much safer, and the same compared with the classical scheme — more energy or gravitation weapons. Coaxial helicopter stands out for its external parameters — it is proportional to the attractive, elegant, compact. And for all its compactness, beauty "Berkut" is more capacious than comparable foreign models. "

Helicopters are going to enterprise "Golden Eagle" in Togliatti, production area which today allow you to collect up to 15 helicopters per month.


Ltd. "Golden Eagle" was created with the participation of the "Fund to support the development of aviation and astronautics them. Soviet cosmonaut GS Titov, "organized in September 2001 main direction of the fund — to promote aerospace industry. The design team of the company has extensive experience in the design of light helicopters and konvertoplanov, as evidenced by the respective patents. In 2001, the designer Valentin Malkin has developed and assembled a prototype helicopter "VM" classical scheme with RAP-413 engine with 150 hp

The main indicators of the helicopter "Berkut VL" ("Berkut VL-M"):

Length — 5.1 (5.2) m, the width of the cab / chassis — 1.4 / 1.85 (1.4 / 1.9) m, height — 2.83 (2.88) m, diameter H . B. — 6.75 (7.3) m, take-off weight norms. / Max. — 740/785 (780/830) kg, the mass of the empty helicopter — 480 (470) kg. powerplant — Conver VAZ (Lycoming), power — 147 (150) hp, speed — 174 (185), rate of climb — 5.8 (6.2) m / s, the ceiling — 3600 (4100) m, range norms. / max. — 380/600 (550/850) km.

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