Russia’s largest plant for the production of food-grade polymer build in Kabardino-Balkaria

  • "Plant of pure polymers," Ethan "

Construction of the largest in the Russian plant to produce food-grade polymer "Ethan" will begin in Kabardino-Balkaria in June.

The plant’s capacity — 486 thousand tons food plastic packaging and films a year, replace 30% of the imports of polymers.

The cost of the project — 15.7 billion rubles. The infrastructure has invested more than 1.3 billion rubles from the Investment Fund of the Russian Federation, and more than 150 million — from the national budget.

Construction of facilities for transport, engineering and utility plant systems is faster pace. Is almost built sewage treatment plants closed, the two intake, road, sewer networks, which provide livelihoods of future enterprise and planned near the village. Prepare for asphalting of 8 kilometers of new roads, 11 poles, mounted high-voltage line, also provides for the construction of 8 km high pressure gas pipeline. The chief engineer of the contractor Ruslan Etezov reported that the infrastructure will be completed in September, while Construction of the plant will begin on June 1.

Enter the plant is scheduled to 2015.

The Director-General of the future plant Sergei Ashinov informed that the main waste product will be hot water in which the Finnish partners to build enterprise farm to grow bioplanktona and fish.

Require the production of 2.5 million skilled workers. "There will be high-paying jobs, it will reduce the outflow of young people from the country, now need to teach staff" — said earlier Prime Kabardino-Balkaria Ivan Herter.

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