Russia’s largest plant for the production of LCD TVs is open near St. Petersburg

The company TPV Technology opened in Shushary near St. Petersburg plant worth $ 30 million for the production of LCD TVs and monitors.

This year, the plant plans to produce about 500 million TVs of the brand Philips. In the next two years the company plans to occupy 20-30% of the Russian market of televisions and monitors. According to the director of the plant Blazej Bernard Reiss, investment in the construction business were $ 25 million, in 2012, the company intends to invest a further $ 5 million to improve the technological level of production. 

TPV Technology is in talks with Sharp, Panasonic and Sony. "We believe that by the end of the year will be able to start the second player (other than Philips — Ed.)", — Said the director of the plant. The volume of production machinery second brand will be 200-250 thousand units per year.

Total plant area is 20 thousand square meters. m, area leased from the company AKM Logistic. "The lease term is five years. During this time we look at how to develop sales and will make a decision to build its own plant," — said Reiss.

The level of localization in the production of 35-40%. In this localized production of large-size components. The rest is supplied from China and Poland. Reiss added that by 2015, the company intends to take about 40% of the Russian market of televisions and monitors. According to him, the production capacity of 2 million TV sets a year, in September, will increase capacity to 3.5 million The output depends on the orders that the company receives.

General manager of the "TV" Philips’ Robert Smits noted that in the second half of the year, the company can increase its share of products manufactured at the plant in St. Petersburg. Net TV plant until the company is not going to open.

TPV Technology is a subsidiary of Top Victory Investment — contract collector monitors and televisions. The company manufactures products for Sharp, Panasonic, Sony. Philips, Toshiba, Acer, HP, Dell, as well as developing its own brand of AOS.

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