Russia’s new anti-TB drug Perhlozon


This was on March 21 in St. Petersburg, told the chief thoracic surgeon and phthisiatrician Russian, MD, director of the St. Petersburg Institute of Phthisiopulmonology Peter Jablonski.

Jablonski said that the drug was the fourth phase of clinical trials and proved to be highly effective in the treatment of drug-resistant tuberculosis, including those forms which are shirokoustoychivymi. According to Jablonski, the new drug has shown efficacy in the treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, that is, when the 3-4 well-known drug fail. "When testing a new drug has been integrated into the known therapies and treatment outcomes have improved by 30-40%", — Jablonski said.

The expert expressed the hope that the drug later this year will be available for treatment.  

A new drug developed in collaboration with medical experts of the St. Petersburg Institute of Phthisiopulmonology the Ministry of Health, has high tuberkulostaticheskoy activity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis resistant to standard protivotuberkul? Znyh drugs — isoniazid and streptomycin. An important advantage of a new drug is that it is 2.4 times less toxic than isoniazid, and 1.9 times higher than streptomycin, no mutagenic effect. Jablonski said that anti-TB drug was developed in Russia for the first time in the last 47 years.

MD reported that in St. Petersburg, the incidence is 35-38 per 100 thousand population, in 2011, it was revealed 1443 people with tuberculosis. But, as stressed by the chief TB Russia, more than 80% of tuberculosis — are local residents. Tuberculosis Foundation of hospital beds is 1,800 beds.

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