Russia’s new radar even see stealth aircraft

New all-altitude detectors allow troops Aerospace Defense (ASD) to detect virtually all types of aerodynamic targets, including those made by "stealth" technology. 

"In their tactical and technical and operational characteristics of all-altitude detector (radar) is beyond the capabilities of previous generations of radar. Radar has a different view modes spaces that allow it to detect almost all types of aerodynamic targets — airplanes, helicopters, cruise missiles (including those made by technology "Stealth") at all altitudes and speeds their applications ", — told reporters on Tuesday, a representative of the press service of the Ministry of Information and Defense of the Russian Federation on East Col. Alexei Zolotukhin.

Detectability performance of new air defense radars will be tested during the Command Post Exercise units and formations Troops EKR, which will be held from 27 to 31 August. For rapid detection of air targets will apply the latest radar systems — all-altitude detectors — which entered into service of radio connections Defense Forces units aerospace defense in 2013.

All-altitude detector is designed to detect, determine the nationality of the recognition of classes, ties and maintaining trails aerial objects, target designation and coordinate information about all objects detected air by radio, cable channel or a fiber-optic line. BBO can be used as part of anti-aircraft missile system S-300 "Favorite" S-400 "Triumph", including the conduct of hostilities by one division, combining the functions of low-altitude detector, surveillance radar and command center.

Currently, the armed forces ASD received four radar complex TSB. Within five years, the radar TSB should go into service of radio units Air and Missile Defense Command troops aerospace defense.

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