Russia’s strategic missile forces are updated by a third


The share of modern missile systems, "Topol-M" and "Yars" armed with the Strategic Missile Forces Russia reached a third of the total number of such weapons. On this, as reported "Interfax", said the commander of the Strategic Missile Forces, Lieutenant General Sergei Karakayev. According to him, the basis of the Strategic Missile Forces are still a complex legacy RS-20 "Satan" (P-36M), RS-18 "Stiletto" (UR-100N UTTH) and RS-12M "Topol" (RT-2PM). According to the current state program of armaments SRF will completely renew before the end of 2020.

According Karakaeva, quoted RIA Novosti, SRF currently are preparing to deploy new missile systems "Yars" in Irkutsk, Novosibirsk and Kozelsk rocket joints. As expected, Kozelskaya Union, based in the Kaluga region, were armed complexes "yars" silo-based. In addition, in June 2012 in Teykovskogo missile formation will begin production on alert Division Three mobile system "Yars". Once this process is completed fully re Teykovskogo connection.

Currently systems "Yars" will be equipped with all of the strategic missile forces, armed with mobile systems are "Topol-M". From the purchase of the last Russian Defense Ministry refused in 2011. At the same time enacting complex "Topol-M" silo-based to continue. In the future, land-based component of Russia‘s nuclear triad will be mobile "Yarsy" and mine "Topol-M".

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