Russia’s submarine fleet updates


Russia in 2012, started to build a series of five advanced multipurpose nuclear submarine of the fourth generation Project 885 "Yasen-M". In addition, the continued construction of strategic submarines of the "Borei" (Project 955).

"United Shipbuilding Corporation has signed a contract to build a series of nuclear submarines" Yasen-M. " The contract will lead USC, "Sevmash" will act as a subcontractor. This is a series of five ships, "- said General Director of" Sevmash "and the Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering" Rubin "Andrew Diachkov.

He stated that the first multi-purpose nuclear submarine of project 885 "Severodvinsk" (code "Ash") will be transferred to the Navy Russia a year later — in 2012. "Surrender" Severodvinsk "the customer, ie the Ministry of Defense over to the next year. There are two reasons: first — the quality of components that we have received from suppliers. And the second is related to the fact that on this ship missile systems are installed without the completion of the state tests. The same thing that we have with the "Bulava" (sea-based ballistic missile, 7 out of 17 launches were unsuccessful), "- said Diachkov.

However, he stressed that the low-quality components not related to weapons and combat-control systems. "This is not a command and control system — with them just fine. This year, we have completed the first test the newest throwing missiles "Calibre". That is, we have started to work on the missile system. It’s the other parts, "- said the director general.

He said that to date, the ship made two outs in the sea to the test. "We tested the safety of navigation — time readiness of missile systems to conduct shooting — two. And by the end of the year we will deal with working off missile system. In fact, the state tests are not the ship, and missile systems ("Caliber" and "Onyx"), "- said Diachkov.

According to him, after the completion of these tests and the adoption of the state commission the ship will be handed over to the Navy. All you need is 180 nautical days, ie six months at sea. Virtually the entire year the ship will be at sea and develop missiles and avionics and armament own systems. "The ship itself as a carrier of weapons proved to be good. End of 2012 — Adopting a "- said Diachkov.

The Director General also said that Russia in 2012, started to build a series of advanced strategic nuclear submarines (NPS) of the "Borey-A." To date, the "Sevmash" in various stages of readiness are the three ships of the "Northwind" — "Yuri Dolgoruky", "Alexander Nevsky" and "Vladimir Monomakh". There should be built eight submarines of projects "Northwind" and "Borey-A." "This year, new tabs will not. In the next year we will lay the submarine of project "Borey-A", that is, an improved "Northwind." This will be the fourth submarine of this project. In the state armaments program until 2020 provided the start of construction of the fifth and sixth corps in 2012, "- said Diachkov.

He stressed that the preparatory work began on the fifth and sixth corps head-boat project "Borey-A" (the informal name — "St. Nicholas"). "Engineering design of the ship project" Borey-A "was protected as early as 2010. And hull designs we have a large enough volume "- quoted by RIA Novosti Dyachkova.

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