Russia’s WTO accession is postponed?

The State Duma postpones discussion of the agreement on accession of Russia to the WTO.

The agreement on Russia’s accession to the WTO, the Russian State Duma will discuss in July. On REGNUM correspondent reported on June 28 deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Agriculture Hope Shkolkina ("United Russia"). According to her discussion of the transfer agreement on accession to the WTO related to "technical issues". "Agreement State Duma will discuss in this session — it is not even discussed," — said the MP. She recalled that, under the agreement, the agreement must be ratified by 23 July.

Previously it was assumed that the State Duma will discuss the agreement on Russia’s accession to the WTO on July 4.


More curious, here’s a point of view on Russia’s accession to the WTO:

Focusing on yourself: 
Well-known American economist Laurence Brahm, an adviser to the governments of China, Vietnam and Laos, said that Russia does not need this "old-fashioned club of rich countries." We need to cooperate with the growing power of the states of South-East Asia and Latin America.


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