Russia sent the first superconductors for the ITER project


The first delivery of Russian superconducting elements for the international thermonuclear experimental reactor ITER was held at Tuesday, October 10, according to the ITER project center.

"This is the first Russian supply conduit for toroidal field coils. Next mandrel wire toroidal field will be executed in accordance with the schedule, "- said in a press release.

Superconductors were produced in JSC "VNIIKP" (production of superconducting cables and conductors).

Copper conductor layout toroidal field containment


The world's first international thermonuclear experimental reactor (ITER) is built by the European Union, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Russia and the United States. This will be the first large-scale attempt to use for electricity generation fusion reaction that occurs in the sun — fusion reaction of hydrogen nuclei, that in the event of success, will give humanity a really inexhaustible source of energy.



A group of engineers VNIIKP against the conductor ready for transport


Agreement to build a thermonuclear facility was signed in 2006. European countries contribute about 50% of the funding of the project, Russia accounted for approximately 10% of the total amount to be invested in the form of high-tech equipment.

Construction, the cost of which was originally estimated at 5 billion euros, originally scheduled to end in 2016, but gradually the estimated amount of expenditure has doubled, and then moved the start date of experiments in 2020.

As previously stated the president of the Research Center "Kurchatov Institute", Academician Yevgeny Velikhov, Russia has successfully fulfilled its commitment to the project — its index characterizing the contribution of individual countries to the project on the timing, quantity and quality of work, higher than the other members of ITER.

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